Monday, October 24, 2016

Tips for Planning a Fun Themed Surprise Party

Pulling off a surprise party without the person knowing is no easy feat, but it’s so worth it when you see the look on his face when he enters the room filled with his best friends and family. Want to make it even more special? Give your party a theme! Have you ever noticed that no one is ever in a bad mood during a costume party? Becoming an alter ego is so freeing, and costumes make any party more festive. Wondering where to start? We can help. Read on for tips for planning a fun themed surprise party.

Choose Your Theme
This is step one, of course, and the most fun part! There are so many fun themes—many that have been done before and some you might not have even discovered yet. From the classic ‘80s themed birthday party and a roaring twenties flapper party to a full-on grunge ‘90s party and an elegant white (or even black and white) party, the themes abound. However, there are plenty of other directions in which to head. A golf themed party makes for great photos. For a variety of options when it comes to costumes, simply have the party be themed by a letter of the alphabet. You won’t believe how creative people can get. Another amazing theme that allows people to really run with it is a “create your own superhero” party. If you’ve ever watched the movie The Five-Year Engagement, you know this theme is one everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Encourage Costumes

So you’ve chosen your theme and, if you’ve gone with any of the ones we mentioned above, you need something to wear. If you’re going with a, “like totally awesome” ‘80s party, you probably have something to wear in your very own closet. If not, go with a Tipsy Elves 80s themed costume. Make sure to incorporate as much neon as possible, and leg warmers also add the perfect touch. Golf attire is another easy way to go, as many of your guests will likely have that in their own closets. From argyle socks and loud golf knickers to duckbill hats and sweater vests, this theme is easy and fun. Any Ricky Fowler fans can don orange from head to toe and, voila, they’re done! And much like with the golf theme, a white or even a black and white party makes for stunning photos.

Have the Theme Be Based On Food

Although this might not include costumes, it can still be great fun, especially if you throw the party as a potluck. From a Mexican fiesta and a sushi-making party to an Italian feast and an “It’s all Greek to me!” soiree (Kontos flatbread, anyone?), these themed parties are a blast. As an added bonus, the food is sure to be delicious, as everyone will be bringing their “A” game in order to impress their fellow guests. Of the aforementioned, a Mexican food-themed party is probably our favorite, as the fantastic food recipes abound. Start out with truly unique appetizers, like mini tacos or taquitos. Of course, guacamole, homemade salsa, and queso dip are givens. The possibilities for your main dish are also endless, but our faves have to be chili relleno casserole, chicken enchiladas, and slow cooker chicken taco soup. The latter is so easy; no one will believe you threw that together in mere minutes. There are also plenty of Mexican dessert options, like Mexican cinnamon brownies, fried ice cream, and homemade churros.

If you want to start your party later and perhaps make it more of a night of dancing and mingling, consider making it a champagne ‘n’ dessert party. People can eat dinner before they come, and enjoy sophisticated bites like strawberry covered chocolates or crème de menthe brownies. If you’re going all out, consider hiring a DJ or check out some awesome customizable backyard games from Victory Tailgate to strike up some lighthearted competition.

Planning a fun themed surprise party takes some work but, if you follow these tips, it’ll be a fete to remember.

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