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Olivia’s Story: From Car Ride Chronicle to Published Novel

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Sometimes the best stories are created through teamwork.

In 2009, retired engineer David L. Dahl retold stories from his youth to his 5-year-old granddaughter, Olivia, to entertain her during long car rides. Eventually, Dahl exhausted his memory of stories and began to make up his own with Olivia as the heroine.

“Olivia was always eager to hear new tales,” Dahl said. “She would often direct where the plot would go, and at times would take over and tell a portion of the story.”

It wasn’t long before “Olivia’s Story: Protector of the Realm” was born. And once Olivia grew to become a skilled reader, Dahl put pen to paper -- eventually publishing the story 2016.

In “Olivia’s Story: Protector of the Realm,” Dahl weaves history, fantasy and girl power into the story of a young woman, Olivia, who sets out to save the world during WWII.

Through the middle-grade novel, Dahl hopes to provide a fun adventure for young readers -- while teaching them that people of vastly different cultures can work together to defeat evil forces in the world.

“As bad as things can seem to be, working together we can succeed,” Dahl said.

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Olivia’s Story: Protector of the Realm
By David L. Dahl
ISBN: 978-1-4834-5174-9
Available in hardcover, softcover and e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and LULU

About the author
David L. Dahl worked as a professional engineer, designing water systems and amusement park facilities. Now retired, he divides his time among writing, woodworking and his grandchildren. He is also the author of “Bugga’s Tales,” “Who’s in the Lighthouse” and “The Last Chore.” He lives with his wife, Elain, in Indiana.

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