Monday, September 26, 2016

New Year Dress Trends for 2017

Despite the fact that back to school season is my favorite part of the year, it is still a bit exhausting. So many things to buy and so many long to-do lists to complete! I feel like I won a sprinter race when I settle up all affairs in time. Well done, I can say to myself and go ahead with something that I love and something that renews my strength. That reward is diving into the fashion world, no doubt.

It's time to think about my New Year look. Yes, I know winter has not started yet. However, I prefer to shop for my perfect dress for New Year's parties in advance. Choosing the right evening dress is a responsible task and it takes time and effort to find the dress of your dream. So I looked for trends for 2017 New Year Dresses to guide me in the fast-changing fashion industry. Here are a few tips I discovered:

· Clothes made from velour or velvet are on the peak of their fame. No wonder that velvet dresses will be offered by designers to welcome the coming year, all the more these fabrics imply solemnity and celebration of special occasions.

· The trend I like the most is crop tops. A top with long sleeves displaying a narrow area of your abs is OK for daring women who may boast a tight tummy. Other women who are not fond of doing a sit-up throughout the year should be careful enought with this trend. It is better to remain critical to your body and give preference to modest formal dresses.

· Any holiday is a very exciting time to experiment. A long dress is wide-spread choice for New Year celebration. This year you may try something different, for example, a short dress. Many designers have presented this dress in their collection. A short dress sheath will be good for midlife women too.

· In case you are not prone to new ideas and remain true to classics, a long dress for celebrating New Year in the restaurant is always here in fashion trends. You’ll be the trendiest fashionista if you put on a long dress with a fluffy skirt and bare shoulders. It is useful to remind that this model highlights the female forms and enhances attractiveness.

· Illusion trend is highly loved by red carpet stars. Why not to try to feel like a super star of New Year Party. The dress made of fabric imitating your skin will definitely help. It is up to you which part of your body to bare. It may be a back, neckline or leg. Use this trick to shift the focus on your advantage.

What I like about the 2017 New Year Dress trends is that they are so diverse and allow expressing your personality and style. You do not have to face a dilemma between modest clothes and classy outfits. In both cases you’ll stay on track. Until next time...

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