Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meet the FIRST Activated Charcoal-Based Toothpaste Set to Hit the U.S. Market: CURAPOX

CURAPROXthe Swiss oral health professional, is officially gearing up to launch the first-ever chemical-free, all natural and activated-charcoal based teeth whitening system to the U.S. market this fall— Black Is White! This new collection will offer two refreshing lime-mint flavors of toothpaste to gently, yet effectively, cleanse and whiten teeth (WITHOUT the use of harsh chemicals that your normal whitening toothpastes contain!). These results-proven products are sure to make you smile (pun intended!) ;) {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Black in color, this toothpaste safely whitens teeth by effectively absorbing dirt and discoloration particles (bye-bye coffee, tea and wine stains!). The charcoal acts as a magnet by "pulling" stains off the teeth to restore a natural white smile. It contains very low abrasive particles and no bleaching agents, plastic particles, triclosan or SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) – so you can regain those natural pearly whites WITHOUT the dangers of breaking down your enamel!


Activated Charcoal: Gives the toothpaste both its color and its name: "Black Is White." It removes stains without abrading the enamel or using chemical bleaching agents. Instead, the activated charcoal absorbs stain particles and gently eliminates them. It balances the PH of the mouth while protecting against the growth of pathogens and cavities. It's an affordable, safe and effective whitening agent with double protection against tooth decay.

*Prestige Sparkling Blue (Added Optical Effect): The whitening effect of activated charcoal is supplemented by this optical blue filter to reduce yellow discoloration. This helps to make teeth appear whiter without the use of chemical agents. Its blue hue acts as a physical brightener, emphasizing the whiteness of teeth. 

Sodium Fluoride: A fast acting agent to neutralize the acid climate within the mouth – ultimately strengthening the teeth and decreasing the effects of acid and bacteria. 

Enzymes: Formulated with enzymes that occur naturally in the saliva. These enzymes enhance the saliva's antibacterial and antiviral functions – also protecting against tooth decay and helping to combat dry mouth.

Nano-Hydroxylapatite: Has a protective effect because of its similarity to tooth enamel. It serves as a protective layer on the tooth and has a remedial effect on damaged tooth enamel. It can even fill in incipient cavities again.

Starphere®: Provides a pleasant cooling sensation while cleaning, leaving the mouth perfectly refreshed.


Black Is White: refreshingly lime-flavored
White Is Black: extra mild taste

RECOMMENDED USE: Brush 2x daily. *Allow for 2 weeks to see best results

*Available November 2016 for $29.99 at www.curaprox.com and fine retailers nationwide.

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