Thursday, September 29, 2016

Combat and Relieve Stress with these Yoga Essentials

Now that the summer has come to an end, schedules tend to get busier as the days go on! With school back in session and holiday season on the horizon, don’t get caught up in all the stressful chaos. Combat and relieve stress in two ways with your everyday yoga essentials! {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Beat stress sweat before you hit the mat with Ban Roll On Deodorant. Ban’s breakthrough technology specifically targets and virtually eliminates (not cover up) stress odor that other antiperspirant/deodorants may leave behind. Ban Roll-On Deodorant glides on easily with a formula that provides an outstanding 24 hours of invisible protection against odor wetness. The scents and formula have quickly become a favorite for my daughters and I. ($4.99, Drug and Mass Retailers)

Relax and unwind with Kimberly Snyder’s DVD “The Beauty Detox Power Yoga Series.Whether you’re a beginner or incorporate yoga into your daily, The Beauty Detox Power Yoga series is a unique and creative Vinyasa flow-style of yoga that helps to restore energy,increase vitality and effectively tone muscles. You can learn to move through the Asanas poses in a fluid, non-rushed way with your breath, while powerfully increasing your strength and agility. Balance your mind with sacred Pranayama breathing practices that help bring you back to the center of your being! ($29; www.kimberlysnyder.com)

So don't let a harried schedule stress you out - find relief and routine with Ban and Kimberly Snyder! Until next time...

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