Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stay Safe, Stay Seen, Stay Motivated with 4id Glow Products

With the lazy days of summer soon to be a distant memory, cooler temps and fall foliage set the perfect backdrop for getting into a new fitness routine outdoors. Whether you're into running, strength training or yoga, outdoor exercise is a perfect way to infuse variety into your workout whether scenic or terrain-centric. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

As the foliage changes and the weather gets crisper, daylight hours decrease. If you're planning on running or exercising during dawn or dusk, safety should be a top priority. 4id has created some great product to keep you safe, seen and motivated! Below are the most popular workout accessories from 4id –

PowerSpurz – $19.95

PowerStepz - $7.95

PowerArmz - $19.95

I'm actually really excited to put these to good use - with the heat being so oftentimes oppressive during the day here in Georgia, I look forward to using these pieces while I take evening walks with my hubby as we both strive to improve our health. Until next time...

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