Thursday, June 30, 2016

See Disney's The BFG in theaters on July 1!

I am so excited that Disney’s THE BFG will be opening in theaters everywhere this Friday, July 1st! This is the first time that Steven Spielberg has directed for Disney and it’s an amazing and magical film that must be seen on the big screen!

We had a chance to see a press preview on Monday and everyone loved it! I'll admit, it was a bit slow to start, but once you hit the climax it moves at a great pace. It was heartwarming and adorable - there were moments where we cheered, laughed out loud, and {for me at least} held back tears.

Will you be taking advantage of this long weekend to see the movie? We saw it in 3D and I highly recommend that! We loved the movie so much that we're going to be reading the book as a family. Have you read the book? Leave your thoughts below! Until next time...

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