Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair by Memorial Day with mē

Memorial Day weekend is just a few weeks away, and before you know it, beach season will be here. Permanently remove unwanted hair just in time with mē smooth or chic. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

mē smooth {pictured above; $299}: Designed to bring the power of professional laser hair removal into the comfort and privacy of your own home, mē smooth delivers unparalleled hair removal at a fraction of the cost and time of in-office treatments. The device is the first at-home hair removal device to be approved by the FDA for use on all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors. Clinically proven to remove up to 94% of hair in just 7 weeks and unlike excruciating traditional treatments, the mē smooth is completely pain-free and fast, treating hair in minutes with no need for down time.

mē chic {$199}: Small and lightweight, the chic is convenient to use both at home and away to treat targeted areas in just minutes. Perfect for smaller, contoured areas like the bikini, underarm and face, yet as effective on larger areas like legs. Powerful but safe, the chic is the only FDA-cleared technology for permanent results on all skin tones and is clinically proven to be effective on the widest range of hair colors, even on blond, dark blond and red hair. Used in the privacy of your own home, unwanted hair becomes nothing but a memory.

Both units can be found at mepower.com, Costo, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. Can you imagine how awesome summer time fun will be when you don't have to factor in shaving? I can't tell you how many times I've had to rethink plans (and outfits) because I was too lazy, I mean, busy to shave. That problem will be a thing of the past thanks to ! Until next time...

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