Monday, May 16, 2016

Nailing Music Festival Style: 3 Easy Tips

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Music festivals have been popular for decades. But with the explosion of social media like Facebook and Instagram, festivals are getting more attention than ever. The UK’s Glastonbury and California’s Coachella may be radically different in some ways. But the most famous music festivals now attract as much attention for the attendees and their style as the acts that are playing! Nailing music festival style has now become a major feature on the radars of attendees. If you’re planning to hit a festival this year and want to look great doing it, look no further than these easy tips.

Go For Comfort

The idea that looking good means you have to suffer is outdated now. Looking good and feeling great is all about confidence, and confidence often comes from being comfortable. You want to feel comfortable physically but also emotionally. Don’t force yourself to wear something that you feel is unflattering or not your style just because you feel it suits the aesthetic of a festival. Music festival style is all about being yourself. Whether you like to dress down or dress up, you should feel confident doing so. On a physical level, you should make sure you’re not in any discomfort. Acts can play all day and then long into the night. You are likely to be on your feet all day, wandering the food stalls and exploring with friends. Ensure that your comfort is a priority. Nothing will ruin your day faster than painful feet or restrictive clothing that causes you to overheat. Loose vests and jeans with a great belt and cute flats are youthful and timeless. Style and comfort don’t have to exclude each other!
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Get Creative

If you do feel like experimenting with your style, a musical festival is the perfect opportunity! Traditionally, the music festival crowd is easy-going and non-judgmental so get creative! You can express yourself with edgy jewelry, a new hair color or a statement piece from sites like I Am Attitude. You can customize pieces that you already have or add badges and patches for a vintage look. If you want to add a bit of edge to a classic look, then add one quirky item. A pop of color, an unusual bag, or a logo tee can give any look a fresh, fun vibe. Take inspiration from Instagram or a Pinterest board, and let your imagination run wild.

Layer Up
The weather at music festivals can be unpredictable. Even festivals that enjoy lots of sun in the day can rapidly become cold at night. You don’t want to risk getting sick or sitting there shivering, so layer up. Layers mean you can feel cool during the day and warm and dry later on. A shirt tied nonchalantly around the waist is very rock and roll, but it’s also practical. A jacket can easily be thrown over one shoulder, or a cardigan worn over a long dress for bohemian elegance. You’ll stay warmer for longer, and look great while doing it.

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