Friday, May 13, 2016

Fab Five Friday: Hydrate!

I've shared my struggles to stay hydrated here before - basically I hate water and can't tell that I'm thirsty until it's way too late. So when I come across water products that I actually enjoy, it's a big deal! Here are five of my favorite water products - maybe they'll help you in your quest to stay quenched too! {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

  1. Alkaline88 Water - {Get ready for the name drop} What do BeyoncĂ©, Miranda Kerr, Elton John, The Pope, President Obama, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, Janet Jackson and Ray Kurzweil all have in common? They've all gone on the record to say that they drink alkaline water! Many athletes and celebrities are attracted to the benefits of an alkaline diet as balanced body pH results in greater energy, more restful sleep, improved digestion and fewer colds according to some medical authorities.  Alkaline88, favored by Brande Roderick and Tim Tebow, achieves its 8.8 pH level through a state-of-the-art, completely chemical-free scientific process. But besides all that, it has an incredibly smooth taste that makes it very easy to drink. I can't recall many occasions where I felt compelled to guzzle water, but every time I crack open a bottle of Alkaline88 that's exactly what I end up doing!

2. AQUA Carpatica - Full disclosure: a few bottles were sent to me as part of a pitch promoting their use in skin care - apparently washing your face with sparkling water has been all the rage in Japan and Korea for a while now. I put the bottles in the fridge and my hubby drank one before I had the chance to tell him what they were really meant for. He told me that he enjoyed it because it had a bit of fizz, but wasn't obnoxiously carbonated like some sparkling waters can be. Of course, I had to try it too and ended up making quick work out of another bottle - he was right, it has the perfect amount of fizz to delight your mouth without making you feel like you're drinking flavorless soda.  AQUA Carpatica is the world's only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water {nitrates are contaminates from the runoff from fertilizer use, leakage from septic tanks and erosion of natural deposits}. Because of the location of AQUA Carpatica's protected springs, the water is not only completely nitrate free, it's also loaded with natural minerals. In addition to being free of nitrates, AQUA Carpatica's naturally sparkling mineral water offers skincare benefits from:

Calcium – which helps the body generate new skin cells and shed old cells
Magnesium – which has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and allergy-reducing properties
A nearly neutral pH of 6.5 – the closest pH level to pure water compared to other sparkling waters on the market
Natural carbonation – which aids in exfoliation and oxygenation of the skin

AQUA Carpatica recently announced the U.S. launch of its naturally sparkling mineral and still spring varieties at Sprouts Farmers Market Stores starting this month.

3.  Sparkling Ice® essence of sparkling water - I'm already a fan of just about everything from Sparkling Ice {check here and here} so it should be no surprise that I love their new essence of sparkling water line! Of course, essence of peach was my jam, but they were all really tasty - and perfectly named as they have the true essence of the fruits without any added sweetness or cloying aftertaste. The new collection is free of sweeteners, contains zero calories, no artificial colors or preservatives, and delivers a refreshing essence of natural flavors. The line was developed in response to consumer demand for healthier carbonated beverage alternatives and offers four varieties: a non-flavored sparkling water and three lightly-flavored versions featuring essence of lemon lime, essence of peach and essence of tangerine – a collection of fun, refreshing, and simple sparkling waters.The new lightly flavored Sparkling Ice collection will be available at Target stores nationwide beginning in this month, and also in select Stop & Shop’s on the East Coast and in Safeway stores on the West Coast.

4.  Detoxwater  - For busy moms, health can sometimes be put on the back burner. Often, we never drink enough water and don’t have time for everyday beauty regimes. Detoxwater, can be used as your secret weapon for both! It is filled with electrolytes and vitamins, such as vitamin C and a full range of vitamin B. This aloe infused water is a delicious, healthy way to keeping hydrated without feeling guilty – since it only contains 15 calories per serving. Aloe is used widely in many beauty and health products today, and has a plethora of benefits when ingested. It promotes skin health and aids in anti-aging as well as inflammation. This is sort of cheat since isn't actual H2O, but it's so yummy and it does have water in its name - so that counts for something!

5.  ZeroWater Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher - Everyone who has used used a traditional water filtration pitcher knows the frustrating routine of waiting for the pitcher to fill, empty; waiting for it to fill again, repeat. And each time the filter is changed, it’s the same waiting game all over again. The Ready-Pour Pitcher from ZeroWater is the only pitcher to possess a sealed lid and reservoir that enables you to pour water that has already been filtered without spilling water that’s still filtering, taking waiting out of the equation. In addition, the Ready-Pour from ZeroWater removes 99.6% of contaminants and offers the purest tasting water on the market.

Ready-Pour’s innovative sealed lid and reservoir enables the pitcher to be kept full while adding up to two cups of additional capacity, helping to eliminate the wasted space on the top of the pitcher. That means it can hold 10 cups total (eight inside the pitcher itself and two in the reservoir). The underneath water filter assembly ensures water passes directly through and not under the filter. As a result, users of the Ready-Pour Pitcher can rest assured that every drop they are drinking has been filtered via ZeroWater’s patented five-stage, dual-ion exchange filtration system. Plus, it has a handy-dandy spigot so that little ones can pour their own water without worrying about picking up the pitcher! I'm not gonna lie - this might be my FAVORITE item on this entire list. The water is tasty, it's super easy to use, and it basically kicks other water filter pitchers' butts!


SweetLeaf Water Drops - Water Drops™ take water from boring to wow with just an easy squeeze of any of four fruit-flavored blends; and the bottles are the perfect size for backpacks and gym bags. I reach for Raspberry Lemonade whenever I remember I need to drink some water, but really don't want to and it makes it so much easier to do!

So, what's your favorite water product? Have any tips on drinking more? Inquiring minds want to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

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