Sunday, May 22, 2016

Entertainment Apps to Keep Mom Smiling in 2016

Moms might just be the busiest people on earth. Somehow they get everything done, and sometimes manage to squeeze five minutes of fun in for themselves. We’ve no idea how, but they do it. Super-Mom indeed. We decided to make things a little easier for them. How, you ask? We want to keep Mom smiling throughout 2016, and years to come, so we’ve found the very best apps to keep them sane, smiling and socially involved, you know, when you get a spare minute on the sofa. So, next time you have a coffee and a biscuit, check out these apps. The fun begins now, Mom!

Many wonder why mother’s are trying to constantly check their phones when they get some silence. That’s because a busy schedule often allows for little fun-time, and lots of preparation. A phone can bring all of that in to one place. There are apps that save time and allow for more free-time, and they’re pure entrainment apps. Either way, Mom needs these apps today.

Whether you want Just Eat the app that brings food to your doorstep, or you miss your trip down the pub or to the shops, your phone/tablet can help you. If you thought you couldn’t take a trip to bingo with the girls Thursday, you thought wrong. Coral are calling out the bingo numbers online, here. You can have fun from your sofa after all.

Happy Kids Timer

This app allows you and your child to discover a fun routine that manages both of your time together, and apart, and allows for you to squeeze in more you-time. Pass them the iPad they love playing with and the app will walk them through brushing their teeth, getting changed, allowing them to boost their own mental capacity, and give you a moment to do your make-up, or get your shoes on. Think of this as an investment app.


Facebook is entertainment for almost anybody. It brings the world together. However, for busy Moms, especially if you have more than one, it’s hard to find a moment to yourselves. You can’t go out drinking, can’t hit the shops at will, you are a a parent. Facebook can allow you to have a chat with Jane, or to set up a date with Dave, or to just keep involved with what’s going on in your world. You can stay involved even when your little one is throwing toys around the living room.


We all like a good book, right? Many Moms insist they have little time to read, and that their little ones chuck their books around, and rip the pages. A kindle can allow you to read many different works, and stay exactly up to date with where you left of. That comes in handy after your little one has shouted ‘Mom’ for the 15th time, right?


Moms don’t get out often. Enter Periscope. The app allows many to broadcast their lives via videos. You can check all around the world, with celebrities, friends, or family members, and watch people eat, do comedy shows, or just watch people live. For those that are really short on time, this brings the world to your dining room. It might just keep a smile on your face after all.


Spotify gets a big, big YES from us. You can stream millions of songs, old and new. Not only can you find music for your little one, but you can find tracks to inspire you, to help soothe you when it all gets too much, or ones to remind you of those parties you no longer attend. If you like music, this app can be a life-saver for all, especially Moms that are in need of a smile.

There really are apps for everyone. There’s many for Moms, but these entrainment apps will save you time, and make you smile. Who said Moms can’t have fun?

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