Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stay Healthy This Spring with Nixall!

The start of Spring may mean the end to cold and flu season, but allergy season is in full swing! Many people are being told by their doctors to pull out their humidifiers to help get a more restful sleep, but could your humidifier actually make you sicker? It is true, running your humidifier with out properly cleaning it can cause issues that can make you even more sick and may cause long term issues with your lungs. Most companies recommend that you throughly clean your humidifier every 3 to 4 days, but when you are sick it tends to be the last thing you want to do at night. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

A new company called Nixall has the solution to do the job for you. Nixall PH Balanced Cleanser allows you to put a cup and a half of its cleanser into the humidifier each time you fill it. This will clean the stale mildew air and leave the room feeling fresh. Nixall Cleanser will send out a vapor containing hypochlorouc acid which is proven to kill bacteria viruses and germs while at the same time it cleans the humidifier.

How does one maneuver through a regular commute or travels without getting sick, becoming a germ-a-phobe, or both? The constant reminder is proper hand washing but even hand washing will not kill all bacteria. Are there other all natural options available to help with the spread of germs? Nixall is a new generation option that utilizes hypochlorous acid, the same ingredient that your own body produces via white blood cells. Nixall products are available in professional and convenience sizes. Nixall contains no alcohols or harsh chemicals, is safe around kids and pets and actually helps soften skin rather than cause dryness or irritation (like other leading brand sanitizers.)

NIXALL’S fine line of family products covers your entire family! From infant to adult, home to office and bird-cage to the barn, Nixall Family Wellness and Nixall® Animal Wellness, work in tandem to provide you with a health management solution straight from nature itself! So stay well and spring clean in good health! Until next time...

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