Friday, March 18, 2016

Fall in Love at First Smell with SNAP!

Whether you just celebrated your 50th anniversary or you just started dating, you come to know what your partner smells like. Studies have shown that up to 56% of couples are attracted to their partner because of how good they smell; sometimes scent can be one of the main things that attracts you to a person. Believe it or not your nose might just be the reason you find your one true love! Fall in love again or for the first time with naturally crafted scents from Snap Perfume. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Snap / 1 For Her - An Enticing Elixir ($14.99): The fragrance for her when love and happiness are all that matter.

Top Notes
Releasing the spirit of joy
Tunisian Orange and Italian Mandarin infused with a sweet rich fruit zest.

Heart Note
Sensual union
Parisian Rose, Gardenia, and Wild Orchid.

Base Note
Warmth and power
Elegant White Musk and Hearty Cedarwood.

Snap / 88 For Her - A Harmony of Scents ($14.99): An exciting yet delicate, an arrangement of scents alluring, sweet and playful.

Top Note
Fresh citrus
Blood Orange, Sorrento Lemon and Japanese Ouzo

Heart Note
Exotic floral nature
African Violet, Jasmine Essence, and Osmanthus

Base Note
Lyrical combination
Brazilian Tonka, East Indian Sandalwood and Hearty Cedarwood

Snap / 7 For Her - The Beauty Within ($14.99):  A modern exotic fragrance, with a mysteriousness that unlocks romance, what every woman desires and deserves.

Top Note
Subtle and fruity
Tunisian Orange and Italian Mandarin infused with a sweet fruit zest.

Heart Note
Exotic nature
Moroccan Orange Flowers, Sambac Jasmine and Lilly of the Valley

Base Note
Airy gentleness

Vetiver from Bourbon, Patchouli from Indonesia, Vanilla from Madagascar

Snap / 1 For Him ($14.99): Its mint/mandarin freshness rejuvenates him throughout an active day.

Top Note
Spicy Freshness
Fresh Mint, Italian Mandarin Caribbean Lime, Black Pepper

Heart Note
Combination of Nature
Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Spanish Lavender, Wild Orchid, Lily of the Valley

Base Note
Rejuvenating Uniqueness
Brazilian Tonka, East Indian Sandalwood, Zesty Vanilla

Snap / 7 For Him ($14.99): For the man who has everything- but wants a little bit more.

Top Note
Aromatic Warmth
Bergamot Orange, Birch Tree Leaves, African Violet Leaves, Black Pepper.

Heart Note
Subtle Floral Nature
Spanish Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Iris, Jasmine

Base Note
Classic Woodiness
East Indian Sandalwood, Hearty Cedarwood, Egyptian

Snap / 88 For Him ($14.99): From the boardroom to a night on the town.

Top Note
Explosive Zest
Fresh Mint, Moroccan Cumin, Far East Ginger, Arabian Cardamom

Heart Note
Spicy Floral Nature
Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Wild Orchid, Jasmine

Base Note
Natural Confidence
Hearty Cedarwood, Brazilian Tonka, Zesty Vanilla

Snap Perfume, fragrances for him and her are innovative pocket scents, packed full of gorgeous fragrance with notes from ingredients around the world - at a super affordable price. Until next time...

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