Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easy Spring Hair Looks For Busy Moms

When it comes to the way we look, us Moms have a tough deal. We can be so busy wrapped up in our kids and partners, thinking of everyone else first, that we forget about ourselves. These day’s the “go to” mom look can be just as simple as brushed hair and a washed face. But I’m here to tell you that being a Mom doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous in the schoolyard when dropping the kids off. I thought I would share some easy spring hair looks, which are super easy to achieve.

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The messy topknot bun

This is by far one of the easiest looks to achieve, and it requires very minimal effort on your part. You can put together this hair look in as little as five minutes. It’s as simple as brushing your hair, grabbing it into a high ponytail. Create a bun effect and secure with a hair band and a few hair grips. Pull a few strands of hair around your face and at your ears and you are good to go. Messy hair never looked this good. Add your favorite lipstick and some shades and you become the glam mom.

Curly locks

Another gorgeous spring look is curly flowing hair. This requires a little more time on your part. Depending on how your hair takes to curls, you could spend the time doing it the night before. Using a top rated curling wand, wrap strands of hair around to create the desired look. Repeat until all of your hair is curled. You could then tie it up for a practical look, or pin a few strands away from your face for a pretty look.

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The sleek ponytail

This is another super easy look to achieve. Some of the preparation can again be done the night before. All it takes is for you to straighten your hair with your trusty straightener. Brush it back into a ponytail, taking care not to create any bumps in your hairline. Tie your hair up into a ponytail. You could then make this even more sleek by taking a piece of hair and wrapping it around the elastic to disguise the hairband. Secure with a bobby pin to complete the look. Voila! A sleek glam look that’s practical for everyday wear.

The fishtail braid

This would all depend on how good you are at braiding hair. However, it’s a real cute look, so it’s worth trying. Brush your hair into a low side ponytail. Braid your hair until you reach the bottom and secure with a hairband. Pull the braid at the sides to make it appear wider. Another way to finish this look would be to pull some strands around your face and ears to make it look less polished.

I hope this inspires you to get more creative with your hair in the morning. It can be just as simple as spending a few extra moments the night before and in the morning. Making more of an effort with yourself can also have a positive effect on how you feel and your mood. You don’t need much. But investing in a few key pieces, some hair bands and grips and you are ready to rock your hair this spring.

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