Saturday, October 24, 2015

Enter the World of Nancyland Books! (Wunderkind Reads)

Singer-songwriter and children's book author Nancy Guettier finds the inspiration in each of her adopted children to write entertaining and educational stories. Guettier has very cleverly included educational twists in each of her books, and her whimsical and fun style makes learning effortless. What's more, Nancy donates a portion of the Nancyland book proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. {Books provided for review/feature consideration}

The series from prominent publisher Morgan James Kids includes: Mermaids on Mars, Roy G. Biv is Mad at Me Because I LOVE PINK!, Circus in the Sky, and Jude's Moon.

Nancy shares a little information on each book:

Mermaids on Mars is an award-winning book which was recently completed as a short film and won Best Animated Short Award at the 2015 Carmel International Film Festival, and has also been accepted into several other upcoming film festivals.

"This is a whimsical story about mermaids – when they lived on Mars. Mermaids thrived in Mars' crater pools and used up all of the water resources, splashing around. Thanks to a very cool rocket ship, the mermaids travelled to Earth and settled in our oceans. This book also helps children learn the importance of water conservation.”

"Roy G. Biv is Mad at Me Because I LOVE PINK! is centered around Genevieve who loves splashing in puddles after a rain shower. Mostly, Genevieve loves pink; however, pink is not a color in the rainbow. Understandably that upsets Roy G. Biv, who convinces her to experience all the colors of the rainbow.”

"This little gem is a delightfully entertaining read. Julian dreams he is the ring leader of the constellations in Circus in the Sky. He discovers Leo the Lion, the Gemini twins and the rest of the sky's 88 constellations.”
"In Jude's Moon, Jude loves the moon so much that he believes he is the one who hung it in the sky. Throughout the story, Jude examines the phases of the moon, as well as fun facts about the sun.”

"Adopting my children was a blessing and they inspired me to pour my creativity into writing children's books,” says Guettier. "It's important to me to provide kids, not only entertainment, but educational value as well. My hope is that children around the globe will love these books so much, they will read them again and again.”

For more information, please visit: www.NancylandKids.com.

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