Thursday, December 24, 2015

WWE "Diva" ARIANE ANDREW Reveals her Gym Tip and Nutritional Tricks to Stay Fit while Enjoying the Holiday

She’s a diva, she’s an advocate, a lover and a role model. Even with all that going for her, Ariane Andrew indulges now & again and has easily achievable advice for how your we can enjoy all the holiday season has to offer and still look great for New Year’s Eve (and beyond).

Here are Ariane’s gym tips and nutritional tricks:

1. It’s ok to over indulge with sweets but add 5-10 minutes of cardio the next day

2. Add a half-hour to one-hour holiday hike daily; make the incline festive

3. Make sure to get some circuit training in—burning calories the whole hour of your workout is the most effective

4. Use heavier weights—like kettle bells (and jingle the jiggle away)

5. Make sure to do an AB Class—still on board with circuit training… But concentrate on the hardest area to break down... You’ll be away ahead for your spring break bikini body.

6. Opt for Matcha Green Tea over your daily coffee & cream as its speeds the metabolism and curb cravings

7. Add 8 grams of fiber daily to your diet to help maintain sugar levels

8. If you have plans to go to blow-out party, make sure you have solid protein a few hours before

9. Pick your poison: either the sugary dessert or the exotic cocktail. Don’t go for both!

10. Remember, there’s always tomorrow to keep your resolutions of optimal fitness & health

WWE Star and “Total DIVA” Ariane Andrews is no stranger to tough cookies in the ring … and beyond. When it comes to the Holidays, even Ariane treats herself to some holiday indulgence. “It’s ok to allow yourself to ‘cheat’ and engage in yummy holiday spirit just as long as you are conscious that there are still smart choices you can make once you do. Work hard, play hard is my motto.” 

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