Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Over-The-Knee Socks Tips

Once the weather has started to warm up a bit, you might be ready to pull your spring dresses out of
the closet. But how do you avoid those chilly winds blowing across your legs? Tights result quite uncomfortable for many women and if you're one of them or perhaps you're just looking for a change
of style, then over the knee socks are the answer you've been looking for.

You can save money on over the knee socks by using coupons at a variety of outlets, such as Neiman Marcus or Urban Outfitters, which can be found online at Discountrue.com. The socks are able to be styled in plenty different fashionable ways, so read on to learn more about how to capture different
looks for different weather conditions!

Wearing Them With Dresses and Skirts
You can create a variety of looks by pairing over the knee socks with dresses and skirts. For an earthier look, wear them in tandem with a loose fitting white dress. Want a tougher appearance? Go with a motorcycle jacket, combat boots and a leather skirt. Or, if you wish to be more ladylike, a sweater and a skater skirt are recommended. You can also add a statement necklace and a structured bag to complete.

Creating a Taller Appearance
Women who want to make their legs appear to be extra long should match their over the knee socks
with their shoes. This will work especially well for example with a pair black over the knee socks worn with black heeled booties!

Keeping Up With Trends

Over the knee socks become trendier and trendier, so if you're not afraid of trying to keep up with the
in crowd you should certainly give this type of legwear a try. However, if you're not feeling so fashion-forward some days, you can also easily find a pair of tights that have the same appearance as a pair of over the knee socks at many popular outlets.

There are lots of reasons why you might be reluctant to go clothes shopping. The biggest might be the feeling that you could waste money on an article of clothing you are only going to wear once. Purchasing a versatile skirt is one way to avoid such worries. Many skirts can double as either formal or casual wear. All it takes is a change of accessories or shoes to give them completely different looks. You only have to worry about selecting a skirt that is comfortable and figure flattering for you, such as a pencil skirt or an A-Line skirt. Once you find a style you like, it can become a wardrobe staple you wear all the time for many different reasons.

Cold Mornings/Warmer Days

Those cold mornings that turn into warm afternoons can be tough to plan for, from a fashion standpoint. Grab a spring dress and a pair of over the knee socks to ensure the warmth of your legs.
Add a jacket or cardigan for protection from the morning elements. For the finishing touch, add a
beanie. Once the weather has gotten warmer, all you need to is shed the jacket and beanie for a more
spring-like look!

Summer Shorts

We all long for the moment when we can finally break out the summer shorts again and over the knee
socks offer a chance to add a twist to this classic look. You don't have to limit yourself and also wear
your shorts during the spring and fall months – just grab a pair of knit over the knee socks and rock
them with a big, comfy sweater. This allows you to get twice the use out of them!

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