Saturday, December 5, 2015

Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery: Read the Book. Audition for the Movie. See it on the Big Screen.

Reading clubs everywhere – be on alert! Knox Chase is making his way to bookshelves and this super sleuth kid is gaining the admiration of middle school-aged kids everywhere - with the added benefit that the magical nature of these stories helps kids learn how to solve their own problems.  Knox Chase has the same attributes that make Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew and Harry Potter so interesting to us all and make us want more. Even more impressive ... the book is already slated to be a movie, and the producers plan to hold a nationwide contest to search for cast members.   {Book provided for review/feature consideration}

Meet KC Green. KC is a small-town kid with a big-time imagination -- and an even bigger secret. He can see the pulp fiction detective he was named for, from the 1930s & 40s Knox Chase on the Case novels. He even talks to him, which gets a little awkward since no one else can see the guy, and because this salty film noir gumshoe lands our hero into all kinds of little kid trouble.

When a mysterious stranger bumps into KC on Valentine's Day, however, and they mix up envelopes, a thriller lands in KC's lap and grown-up trouble breaks out all over town. His music teacher gets run over. The school janitor is framed for attempted murder. Even KC and his friends have to fight for their lives.

Unfortunately, the town's chief detective is a nitwit, his son is a bully and the more KC investigates, the more trouble his dad gets in with his mom for hooking KC on sleuthing in the first place. Their marriage could be in the most trouble of all.

It takes KC's wits, his invisible partner, his best friend Ben and even the girl he gets so nervous around he can't speak to her, in order to figure out the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery.

"It's the kind of book you grew up on,” says Adam. "… Where kids face danger, make mistakes and keep fighting to save the day.”

The book, Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery by Adam Lipsius will be released in January, 2016. Additionally, the production is already scheduled for a motion picture in association with Sean Covel (the producer of "Napoleon Dynamite”) and Casting Director Mary Jo Slater ("The Contender” and "Dumb and Dumber”) – and the producers will be holding an online casting contest, providing the opportunity for aspiring kid actors and actresses to be in the movie, maybe even one of the lead characters.  

Adam Lipsius attended USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He is an accomplished author, feature film director, producer and screenwriter. His movie, "16-LOVE” was distributed in 2012 by Warner Bros. Digital, Gravitas Ventures and Entertainment One. He graduated from Dartmouth College where he wrote his first book, The Birth of Dr. Seuss. Additionally, he has received numerous awards for his short films and commercials.

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