Saturday, October 3, 2015

Modern Girl, Trend Expert and 'Job Genius' Jane Buckingham Shares New Tips and Secrets!

The Modern Girl is back with more tips, hacks & beauty fun! From author and trend expert Jane Buckingham, (formerly of the Style channel), founder of  and newly crowned Job Genius of the new ABC Family Show “Job or No Job,” THE MODERN GIRL’S GUIDE TO LIFE  has been completely revamped for a new generation of MG’s. A lot has changed over the past decade, and leave it to Jane to keep us Modern Girls up-to-date! {Book provided for review/feature consideration}

Covering everything from interviewing to Instagramming, crockpot cooking to cosmetics, and all that’s in-between, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life doesn’t try to tell you how to be perfect. It simply tells you the stuff you need to know, but no one thinks to tell you—like how your shape wear can get uncomfortably hot unless it contains cotton (good to know before you find yourself sweating away your blowout at the company holiday party)

See below for Jane’s then vs. now favorites & look back at how far the Modern Girl has come.

Low-fat diets à clean eating

Peanut butter ---> almond butter

Grocery stores ---> farmer’s markets

Cosmopolitan ---> Moscow mule

Flower bouquets ---> Succulents

Burning CDs ---> Streaming playlists

Blockbuster ---> Netflix

Taxi ---> Uber

Scrapbooking ---> Pinterest

Coupon cutting ---> Tweet deals

Aerobics class ---> Barre class

Climbing the corporate ladder ---> Living the freelance life

Postcards ---> Instagram

Off the runway ---> Rent the runway

French tips ---> Nail stickers/nail art

Self-tanner ---> Contouring

AOL ---> Gmail

DSL ---> Mobile

Palm pilots ---> Smartphones

Toy dogs ---> Rescue dogs

Sex and the City ---> Girls

Paris Hilton ---> Kim Kardashian

The Newlyweds ---> Duck Dynasty

Britney Spears ---> Taylor Swift

Naomi Campbell ---> Karlie Kloss

Penciled brows ---> Power brows

Juicy Couture ---> Lululemon

Diaries ---> Tumblr

The Rachel ---> The Lobb

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