Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Practical Gift Giving Made Easy

Practical gifts often get a bad rap for the simple reason that they are practical. Yet not all practical gifts are lame. The trick is to pair the practical gift with something a little more luxurious, for instance the husband would appreciate a new pairs of socks if it were accompanied with a bottle of wine.

The shopping networks on TV often parade a wide range of products, especially as the holiday season nears. At some point, we have all looked at a product and thought, "Ah! Now that would make a perfect gift." But when it comes to actually buying a gift, we sit and scratch our heads. So let's start at the top and look at a host of gift ideas offered by Carol Wright’s as seen on TV. Each gift is unique, practical and reasonably priced, with prices ranging from $4-200. Plenty of food for thought here.

If six pages of gift ideas are not sufficient and you want to know what else is out there, let's look at some practical gift ideas for him and her.

For him

1. Laptop: A laptop bundled with a data plan is the ideal gift for someone always on the go. It allows your man to stay connected, wherever he may be. With the data plan, the search for hot spots and internet cafes is a thing of the past. Approximate prices $149-399.

2. DSLR - camera: Ditch the convenience of phone cams with their hit or miss quality and capture those special moments with a proper camera. Even an entry-level DSLR - camera will allow your guy to take photography to the next level. Prices start around $399.

3. The bacon book: Does your man like cooking? 'I Love Bacon' by Jayne Rockmill is a collection of 50 exotic bacon recipes ranging from chocolate dipped smoked bacon to almond brittle bacon – yum! Available for $17.53.

4. Rechargeable corkscrew: Opening the next bottle of Chablis will be a breeze with this device. It cuts the foil and removes the cork in a jiffy. This electronic marvel can open 20 bottles of wine before it needs a recharge. Prices range from $20-40 based on the make and model you buy.

For her

Let's start with a caveat: never give a woman a practical gift as the only gift. Always combine it with something sentimental and affectionate - you want to hear her say 'Aww!' and not just 'Oh.'

1. Clothing steamer: A good hand-held steamer is great for taking out the wrinkles, without pulling out the iron and ironing-board. It's a great traveling accessory as well. Prices range from $24.99 to 49.99.

2. Set of knives: Do some snooping in the kitchen and see if her knives need replacement. Replace the dull knives with cracked handles and gift her with a shiny new set of knives for just under a hundred dollars. She will love you.

3. Mini emergency kit: This is a 16-piece kit designed to cover everyday emergencies, from spills and stains on clothes to stocking runs and dry lips. It's practical and compact and ideal for beauty, fashion and personal-care emergencies. Available for around $15.

4. Swiss card pocket tools: Contrary to commonly held views, women need tools as well. This credit
card sized package comes with a nail file, LED flashlight, and four screw drivers with different heads
and tweezers, among other things. It's perfect for tucking away in her bag.

Who says practical gifts are boring? The fact is, if you do some research, you can come up with
hundreds of ideas that would be much appreciated. Until next time...

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