Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meet the Daddy Caddy - Hands Free Diaper Action For the Modern Man

Daddy Caddy - Black Leather

No man should have to lug around his wife’s pink with lime green flowers diaper bag that has cutesy little designs. Fathers are seem to be over looked when it comes to the diaper bag - there is an unspoken assumption that diaper bags are only for mothers. With the new Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs, dads can be stylish and prepared. {Product provided for feature/review consideration}

The caddy packs an arsenal of diapers and wipes, armed and ready for multiple ways to carry, covert design for use anywhere, conceals personal items in zippered pocket, has water-resistant lining for unforeseen emergencies and it includes a matching wipes holder. 

I remember looking for a diaper bag when I was pregnant with London - the hubby and I really wanted something that would work for both of us because we both knew I wasn't going to be the only one changing diapers on the go. There weren't very many options for dads back then - we ended up using a gym bag! It's so good to see that times have changed and there are now great options for dads - like the Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs! Until next time...

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