Friday, August 28, 2015

Why I Love Jewelry And Accessories

Style is important for me. I want to look good, and I want to feel good wearing what I wear. Even if I’m not happy with my body shape, I know how to dress for it. I can make it look good, and my reflection makes me look good. Your body shape may be built for certain cuts and shapes of skirts and tops, and you should go with that. But if you’re worried your style could get boring, don’t be. Here’s how to accessorize to maximize your look:


I love jewelry, and I love that there is so much available at the moment. I do have friends who are sensitive to costume jewelry in their ears, though. If you have sensitive skin, it can sometimes be better to go for the higher end stuff. For me, anything that dangles is sure to make a big statement. The longer, the better. If I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder top, I love my earrings just to brush my shoulder.


The necklace is designed to draw the eye to its lowest point. If you have a long-chained pendant, then that point could be in between your girls! Wear a plunging top or open ‘V-shirt’ to really draw the eye. This style of necklace also drapes beautifully over high-collar tops. For something that makes a statement, go for jewelry with plenty of flash in a choker style. The neck is a beautiful part of your anatomy so bring the attention up to it.


Of all the jewelry in all the world, it has to be a ring. With good nail work, you can create elegant and elongated fingers to show them off. Use a ring to 'bling' your hand and provide some flash that really moves. Gemstones look incredible. But Claddaghs and other intricate metal work designs are making a comeback this season.


If your sleeves are short or absent, a bracelet is a must have. You might choose a loose chain or a chunky cuff. They help draw the attention away from the upper arms and down toward your elegant hands. Diamonds in a row look amazing with a cocktail dress. Alternatively, why not choose a bracelet watch to shimmer and shine as you check the time?


I love anklets. They seem to have this magical quality about them. They can elongate even the chunkiest calves and even transform the dreaded ‘cankles’. For the slender, shapely leg, an anklet is perfect for dressing up that gorgeous ankle you have. Wear them with heels to create that perfect ankle shape.

I love shiny things! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a belt buckle or a hair clip. Something shiny to top your outfit off brings the whole look a vibrant feel. Scarves and jewelry can also help bring a splash of much-needed color to an otherwise dull outfit. Scarves are especially handy as they are so functional too. Tie your hair back, keep your neck warm, or use it as a waist cincher. See what you can do to bring your outfit to life this morning.

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