Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Having A Baby? Join the Club – The Publix Baby Club!

This post is brought to you by the Publix Baby Club. All opinions are my own.

I am a loyal Publix shopper and have been for over a decade. I could say that it’s because the produce and meat are always fresh, the store is always bright and clean, the customer service is always superb, or because they always have great deals for my family – and while those are real and accurate reasons, they’re not the true reason why I return there week after week.

My oldest daughter is almost 15 years old. When I was pregnant with her, I vowed to be the very best mother that I could be, which for me included reading every baby/parenting magazine I could get my hands on, as well as “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” following along closely with a pregnancy calendar that told me all about the changes my growing baby and I were going through week by week, and signing up for every program that would be of use for my daughter and I – including the Publix Baby Club.

I will never forget how pleasantly overwhelmed I was when I received the welcome package. There was a coupon for just about everything Publix carried that a mommy and baby would need in the beginning – from the hospital to home – most of it complimentary (and if not free, generously discounted) and a encyclopedic book to guide one through caring for your new baby from birth to age 5. When I went to Publix to redeem my coupons and checked out with all of my goods, it was the first time I felt prepared for my little one in a very simple, yet practical way. I will never forget that feeling, and I for it, I will forever be grateful to Publix.

The benefits of the Publix Baby Club don’t stop with the welcome package! Every few months, until your baby is 2 years old, you’ll receive an age appropriate newsletter with tips and information about your child, as well as more generous coupons for everyday necessities.  The usefulness of the club made such an indelible print on my brain, 7 years later when I became pregnant again, I joined again, and again a few years later when I became pregnant for the last time. And of course, in between pregnancies, I recommended it to every pregnant acquaintance, friend, and loved one I knew. In fact, for many of them, I’ve gone so far as to bring them the in store application so that I can make sure that they sign up!

So if you are pregnant, or know someone who is, I can’t recommend the Publix Baby Club enough! You can sign up in store or visit the website: http://www.publix.com/clubs-programs/clubs/publix-baby-club. It’s super simple and I promise you, you and your little one will be so happy that you did! Until next time…

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