Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Be the Belle of the Ball with London SOHO New York's New Collection!

Train Case $11.95 exclusively at Walgreens

A few month's ago, I shared London SOHO New York's new line of makeup brushes and sponges featuring 5 classic Disney princess characters, and now I'm happy to share the newest addition to the Walgreens exclusive collection featuring Belle! Meet the NEW London SOHO New York collection of beauty bags and makeup brushes inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Be the Belle of the ball and style like a princess with this enchanted line which is available now exclusively at Walgreens. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The adorable train case {$11.95; pictured above} is joining the Belle inspired brush set that debuted this spring...
Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set (3 piece) $12.99

Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece ($12.99, Walgreens) - Medium Fluff Brush – Short round shape creates depth and detail. Large Fluff Brush – Soft, fluffy bristles allow shadow to glide across eyelids with ease. Flat Angled Liner Brush– Angled shape creates flawless lines and can be used with powder, gel or cream liner.
Organizer $9.99

The collection also includes an organizer...

2 Piece Clutch Set $9.99

... a 2 Piece Clutch Set...
Wristlet $7.99

... and a Wristlet!

I initially thought that I'd be giving the pieces I received to my daughters, but after seeing how cute and useful the Train Case is IRL, I decided to keep it for myself! Lol! But I'll be making a trip to my local Walgreens to buy some pieces for my girls - they have a Frozen themed set, as well as an Aladdin set featuring Princess Jasmine! Until next time...

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