Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Add Some Protein To Jumpstart A Fitness Routine Without the Mess!

Need to pack a little extra punch to your fitness routine? Maybe it needs a bit of a #ShakeUp? The Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle makes fitting a protein supplement {or a smoothie!} into a workout schedule tasty, easy, and tidy. The Shaker Bottle can help take fitness to the next level by making adequate protein intake simple and attainable. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The unique five-sided paddle ball is designed to break up clumps and buildup, making the shake or smoothie a perfect blend every time while the BPA free Shaker Bottle is resistant to stains and odors.
The twist and lock lid design prevents the Shaker Bottle from spilling or leaking in your bag and onto your belongings. It's available in two convenient sizes, 20oz and 28oz bottles, each with graduated markings on the side to make measuring a cinch. It's dishwasher safe, so you can just toss in the Shaker Bottle whenever it needs to be cleaned.

I have a quite a few of these types of bottles {I do like a good protein/meal replacement shakes and I like to have options}, but the Shaker Bottle from Rubbermaid is my favorite. It takes up less space and looks a bit more elegant and chic than some of the other ones I have. You can find them at Amazon.com, Rubbermaid.com, ShopRite and many more! And here's a fantastic, comprehensive article on the Amazing Benefits Of Protein Powder For Weight Loss!

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