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My Current Skincare Routine: January 2015

My Current Skincare Routine: January 2015

One of my goals this year is to be more consistent with my skin care. Another is to work through more products, so I'd like to introduce a monthly series: "My Current Skincare." It will include two posts, and introductory post, followed my final thoughts on the products after I've used them consistently for a month. So here's my first introductory post for January! {Product sent for review/feature consideration}

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap with Oats, Aloe Vitamin E ($3.99; VitaminShoppe) - Y'all already know my love for this soap runs deep - it has been a constant in my routine since I first used it almost a year ago. It's perfect way to set my skin up for success, so I like using it to start my day. My skin has never been in better shape and I know it is largely due to regular use of this soap!

Le Mieux Essence Toner ($24; www.myskincarebox.com) - I'm not gonna lie - I don't have a lot of the typical signs of aging on my skin - but I want to keep it that way for as long as possible! So this mild, yet effective toner is perfect for enhancing my daily anti-aging facial regimen. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, while improving firmness and elasticity. Formulated with sea algae harvested from the Brittany Coast of France, this age-defying, serum-infused toner balances moisture levels and soothes, softens and replenishes skin. I use this day and night.

MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119; mitoq.com) - is an anti-aging face cream considered to be the most potent antioxidant on the market to date. It is the only topical cream proven to deliver ubiquinone to mitochondria at levels shown to have an immense effect in rejuvenating the cells, encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin and leaving skin looking radiant with a lit-from-within glow. It also helps to heal and prevent fine lines and wrinkles and correct other skin concerns like blemishes, discoloration, brown spots and scarring. While it can replace your moisturizer, I use it after cleansing and toning and before moisturizer, both day and night.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Cream ($40; www.jurlique.com) - This high performance antioxidant eye cream, features powerful botanicals and plant oils to help improve skin firmness, provide long-lasting moisture and help reduce the appearance of fine lines while intense brightening properties help to fade dark circles and puffiness. Since this serum is light and soaks into the skin so easily, I prefer to use it as part of my morning routine.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer ($12; www.sheamoisture.com-this wonder is the same boat with the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap - it too has been a constant in my routine since the first time I used it - it is so SO GOOD! SheaMoisture's African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer helps keep problem skin hydrated, while balancing oily and blemished complexions. Its thick richness leaves a smooth, shine-free finish, while working perfectly under make-up. I use this day and night.

Jurlique Balancing Cleansing Lotion ($34; www.jurlique.com) - This balancing cleansing lotion for normal/combination skin lifts away surface impurities to leave the complexion feeling fresh and clean. Since I'm pretty aggressive with my skin care at night, I like using this gentle cleanser to remove my makeup before I go to bed - not only does it remove every stitch of makeup {even stubborn waterproof eye makeup}, it leaves my skin feeling fresh but not stripped and totally prepped for the next steps.

Amarte Daily ExfoliPowder ($35, amartecosmetics.com): My skin thrives when I exfoliate daily and I prefer to save that step for night time. This scrub uses a refined, plant seed-based exfoliant to remove dry dull skin and gently cleanse, making this formula delicate enough for daily use. While you can mix the powder with your favorite cleanser or a bit of oil to make a paste, I prefer to simply add water and rub to activate the creamy cleanser and smooth it onto my skin.

Nyakio Firming Eye Balm with Baobab Cream ($45; nyakio.com) - This rich eye balm helps skin feel instantly firmer. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. This balm was actually a bit of a game changer for me; I had gotten out of habit of using eye cream {don't judge me or my laziness} but when I tried this out I was back on the wagon! I use this gem at night to make sure that my eyes get the ultimate care while I rest! 

Considering we're half way into the month, I can tell you with confidence that most of these products are winners! Stay tuned in a few weeks for my final thoughts and to see if any of these beauties have joined the ranks of my HG's - like the Nubian Heritage Soap and SheaMoisture Moisturizer! Until next time...

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