Friday, January 30, 2015

A Subscription Box for "That" Time of the Month!

As a woman, that time of the month is an inevitable part of life - so why not make the most of it! Be prepared AND get some extra goodies to help you look good {no matter the time of the month}, with the Time of the Month Box from tomboxes.com! {Product sent for review/feature consideration}

The Time of the Month Box was created by Danielle Krongel and her husband Michael. After filling out a profile survey, you receive a box packed with your choice of feminine hygiene product, 2-4 name brand makeup items {from brands like Wet N' Wild, Prestige Cosmetics, and L'Oreal}, and 1 piece of fashion jewelry, plus some CHOCOLATE, every month for only $16. For a little bit extra, you can get even more makeup and jewelry.

I was super impressed with my box {I received one of the deluxe boxes with extra makeup and jewelry} - while the earrings aren't really my taste, I'm really happy with the makeup selections I got as well as the chocolate {which isn't pictured because I devoured it almost immediately}. I think having a box like this is a genius idea, it supplies you with a monthly necessity as well as some niceties! It’s really a win-win situation - even if you don't like the box, you still only spent the cost of tampons or pads you would be buying anyway! Will you be giving a try? Until next time...

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