Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Flares App Gives Parents Peace of Mind This Halloween!

Flares is a great new app that can give parents peace of mind this Halloween, and any other time their kiddies are away from them. Flares {like shooting a flare} was designed as a convenient, inconspicuous app that allows kids to check in with one push, giving parents their coordinates in real time - then once parents have viewed it, the flare disappears after 40 seconds.

Great tech for trick-or-treating this Halloween, kids can quickly shoot a flare from time to time letting their parents know they are safely roaming the neighborhood they're supposed to be in. Flares launched in September and was featured as a 'Best New App' in the Apple store.

Flares is a one push answer to the question "where are you" - along with many others - and works by allowing the user to choose a recipient or a group to alert of their location - maybe it's just what your family needs for safety and peace of mind this Halloween! Until next time...

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