Monday, October 6, 2014

Little Sleepyheads Can Sleep in Style and Comfort with Little Twig and Sparrow!

Little Twig and Sparrow pajamas aren’t your typical kids pajama. They are made of a luxuriously soft Peruvian Pima cotton that is so soothing to the skin,  you will want a set {or two} for yourself! The durable quality fabric and unique patch motif comes in colors and designs that suit both boys and girls  and is ideal for littles to run around the house on lazy pajama-rama days or snuggling at story time before bed. The unique patch motif comes in colors and designs that suit both boys and girls. They are so comfortable {and cute} - when my little Kenziekins {graciously sent to us for review/feature consideration} wears hers, it's near impossible to convince her to take them off in the morning!

Girl's Cross Patch Pajamas $49.99

Little Twig and Sparrow's cool, comfy, and fun pajamas made from soothing Tanguise cotton from Peru (reputed to be one of the finest, most durable fibers in the world, created from a plant that requires very little water, thus being very friendly to our environment) will help your little ones drift off to dreamland in happiness each night. These jammies feature modish designs and are durable enough for rough and tumble play before bed, yet snuggly enough to be the only pair of PJ’s your kids will want to wear. They also have a unique fitted cut with soft pillowy colors that kids love.

Girl's Cross Patch Pajamas {also known as Kenzie's favorite pajamas in the world} $49.99

When you’ve had enough of your kids’ super hero and princess pajamas that fall apart after just a few washings and are ready to move onto something with better quality and a trendier design, it’s time you discover Little Twig and Sparrow. I love that they are so soft, comfortable, and cute - plus they're warm and cozy, so instead of arguing with Kenzie to take off her PJ's in the morning, sometimes, I just leave them on her for our trips to the bus stop and out to run errands. Until next time...

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