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Do You Know Orico (London)?

Do You Know Orico (London)?

It’s officially fall and it’s time to reboot your skin routine. Orico London, an organic skincare brand designed for the everyday demands of urban living and, of course, the changing seasons, combines the fundamental elements of anti-aging, pure & effective ingredients and high performance formulas that will fast forward your skin to fabulous. Here are a few of my favorite items from the line! {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

While it’s still the early stages of the fall season, the temperature changes are quickly taking effect and there are a few key things to consider when adjusting your skincare routine. Orico London offers certified organic and cruelty free skincare products for face and body with high-performance, light-weight formulas that will keep your skin looking radiant through colder, dryer conditions.

· City Proof Your Skin – Orico Streetwise Oxygenating Day Cream  ($42.00) uses natural and bioactive ingredients to protect your skin from your surrounding urban environment and to help smooth, rejuvenate and protect your skin for the ultimate in radiance and firmness. It also works to optimize cell respiration while smoothing, rejuvenating and protecting against daily pollution and weathering elements.

· Dirty & Thirsty Skin No More – Orico Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil ($47.00) instantly moisturizes and nourishes your skin using a blend of ultra-fine Tamanu, Rosehip and Jojoba plant oils. This 100% natural face oil will restore and rejuvenate your skin for ultimate radiance bringing you a beautiful start and end to your day.

· Make sure to Exfoliate – Skin Brunch Kukui Rejuvenating Mask ($45) - as the fall months settle in, you may notice your skin looking and feeling a little dull. Exfoliating can help unclog your pores and also combat any dry skin.  This extra nourishing mask acts as skin food, with vitamins and antioxidant rich Hawaiian Kukui oils to give your skin a nutritious boost of radiance while revitalizing and restoring a glowing complexion - making it perfect for use after exfoliation.

Orico London Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir ($47) – This product is pure genius – the clinical active inside is not only organic, it has been proven to enhance breasts by 2 to 4 cm after 6 weeks of use while improving skin quality. The all-natural breast enhancement oil contains natural moisturizers and antioxidants which intensify its action by toning and firming the bust and neck area.

Orico U Turn Organic Stretch Mark Elixir ($45) contains a clinically proven extract of green microalgae bioactive rich in peptides and amino acids to increase collagen production and restore skin tone and elasticity. After just one month of use, it helps to visibly reduce stretch marks and smooth the skin.

Orico Pure Uplift Face Firming Elixir ($52) provides a fast and easy lift for any woman looking to tighten up. This elixir contains clinically proven bioactives, skin conditioning extracts and glycerin to lift and reduce wrinkles while smoothing skin.

Did you know that Coconut Water is an excellent humectant and intensely hydrates and locks in moisture to encourage a healthy, radiant complexion? It is packed with nutrients that provide anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits to reduce the appearance of blemishes. So not only does the Streetwise Coco Spritz ($37) contain nourishing Coconut Water, it has Cocoa Seed Extract to fight the aging process by restoring skin’s natural balance, Mango Fruit Extract to help guard against free radicals while brightening skin for a radiant glow, Papaya Fruit Extract to hydrate the skin while keeping it smooth and soft, Aloe Vera to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, and Orange Flower Water, which offers calming aromatherapy throughout the day while it helps to hydrate, tone and soothe skin.

Each bottle of Orico SUPERSEED Vitamin Dry Multi-Oil ($43) contains: Baobab Seed Oil, which has a high content of healthy proteins, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins, including A, D, E, F, potassium and iron and has been shown to improve skin elasticity and promotes skin renewal; Rosehip Seed Oil, potent skin moisturizer, this Vitamin-A rich oil reduces the appearance of scars, restores radiance and rejuvenates damaged skin; Macadamia Seed Oil, an anti-aging oil that aids skin regeneration, revitalizing cell functions and preventing dehydration due to stress; Wheat Germ, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this intense hydrator fights inflammation to soothe and softens rough patches while protecting skin from free radicals; and Sunflower Seed Oil, with antioxidants, fatty acids and replenishing nutrients to retain moisture for deep hydration. High in Vitamin E, this oil helps to prevent premature signs of aging as well as tackling dryness and damage in hair, reducing frizz for overall softness.

I've been enamored with Orico London since I first tried the Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil a while back, so I have taken every opportunity available to try the line of products. It is by far one of the most consistent product lines I have ever tried - every product is effective and makes and immediate and marked difference in the feel and appearance of my skin. If you have not tried Orico London, what are you waiting for? You can find the entire line on Orico London's website. Until next time...

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