Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beauty Tools for Women On the Go!

With so many products and so little time, the busy woman of this day and age needs products that are tailored to meet all her needs without taking too much space or time. Luckily, Every Beauty creates multipurpose tools that do just that! {Products provided for review/feature consideration}

Put a stop to the messy drawers and handbags! Perfect for lip pencils, eye liners, brushes and more, these adorable Cosmetic Tool Organizers {MSRP$7.99; pictured above} will help prevent loss and damage to their heads. The organizer allows you to snap in 8 thin tools.

Need to sharpen on-the-go? Use the built-in pencil sharpener in the Sharpening Pencil Organizer {MSRP $14.99}. This patented product even has a hidden precision pencil sharpener on the bottom AND holds 14 standard size cosmetic pencils!

Did you know that up to 25% of your beauty products go wasted because they’re difficult to squeeze out? This reusable and washable spatula makes it easy to access those hard to reach products so you can make use of every single drop. The Every Drop Beauty Spatula {MSRP $4.99} works on any shape size bottle or container. Every Drop’s silicon tip does not absorb like cotton swabs so you can also use it as an applicator. Never waste an ounce of product again!

The on-the-go woman sometimes doesn’t have the time to go in for her weekly mani or monthly pedi. The Cuticle Care Kit {MSRP $6.99}  helps you keep your nails in tip top shape even when you can't go to a pro! It combines 3 cuticle tools – trimmer, rubber nail pusher and knife - together into one organizer, making it perfect for on the go grooming.

Simply add water to activate Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads with Cotton Plus Technology {MSRP $4.79} to remove makeup and dirt. No rinsing or moisturizing needed, because each pad is infused with soothing Argan Oil Extract. 100% Natural, these pads contain Vitamin E and are hypoallergenic with no alcohol and no parabens. These are what I reach for when I have a late {late} night at work and just can't muster up the strength to go through my whole skin care routine!

All of these ingenious products from Every Beauty can be found at www.everybeautybrand.com.

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