Friday, August 1, 2014

A New Way to Get Your Fruits this Summer!

Looking for a new take on your favorite summer fruits? Look no further than these adorable trendy spin off’s of everyone’s favorite summertime refreshers. From watermelon to coconut, we have got you covered.

1. Dana’s Bakery Watermelon Mac of the Month ($30.00, danasbakery.com): A little slice of summer, you can even eat the chocolate seeds!

2. Burt’s Bees Nourishing Coconut and Pear Lip Balm ($3.30, burtsbees.com): Pucker up to hydrate your lips with a sweet, light kiss of coconut oil.

3. Stur Drinks Liquid Water Enhancer (sturdrinks.com): A mouthwatering and naturally sweetened blend of oranges and mangos - tastes natural, not chemical or processed. Add Stur to your water or seltzer.

4. Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Towelettes ($6.00, burtsbees.com): Invigorating pink grapefruit towelettes cleanse away pore-clogging dirt, oil, and even makeup, for naturally clean skin.

Here's to a sweet and fresh summer! Until next time...

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