Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls' Hair

Being a part of a household that boasts 4 females, you can guarantee that hair is a topic that comes up quite frequently.  While I'm adept at the care and maintenance of hair (which is good thing because between my 3 girls and I there is A LOT of hair to go around), styling is an area that I could use some help in.

When it comes to styling my own hair, I have a bit of a "less is more" attitude - whether it is straight or curly, it's either down or in a ponytail or braid. Yep, that's the extent of my styling prowess. When Peyton was little, I could do a little something something to her hair, but nothing elaborate. At some point, due to outside interference, I sort of gave up on doing her hair and left it to other party's to tend to. I was responsible for London's hair until she was around one and a half. That's when we discovered that she had curly hair and the hubby took it upon himself to care for and style her hair (to ensure that it always met his very particular standards). He has become so skilled at styling her hair (not a day goes by where she is not complimented on her curly q's), I don't even bother to attempt to style anybody's hair but my own and Kensington's. Until now...

People have looked to Cozy Friedman for kid-friendly haircuts and styling products since 1994. Now after two decades of owning Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, the kid’s hair care authority Cozy Friedman has distilled all of her hair knowledge into one groundbreaking book full of how-to’s, hair helpers and fast fixes for your special girl.

Born out of Cozy’s desire to offer girls an outlet for self-expression, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls' Hair empowers parents to help their daughters feel confident about who they are and how they look. Unlike hair books of the past, Cozy speaks to every hair type and texture offering all of her best kept secrets. With a handy index, illustrated how-to instructions, and gorgeous photos, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair makes learning fun and easy. From at-home cuts to painless detangling—Cozy explains it all.

“I’m so excited to show parents how fun and easy taking care of their little one’s can be!” says Cozy. “No matter what your daughter’s hair type, length, texture, you’ll find fast fixes and fun styles to help her feel confident and beautiful.”

Cozy Friedman

There are so many valuable tips in this book that cover the maintenance and care of so many hair types (even African American), and the hairstyles featured are so cute and the step by step instructions make them so easy to achieve (even for me)!

Cozy's Complete Guide to Girl's Hair retails for $15.95 and is available at Barnes & Noble stores and on line bookseller sites.

What are your go to hairstyles for the little ladies in your life? Are stylistically challenged, like I used to be? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

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