Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June is National Acne Awareness Month - Fight It with Bioré!

June is National Acne Awareness Month - Fight It with Bioré!

Treating acne has always been a top beauty priority; and preventing it is just as crucial. June has been named National Acne Awareness Month to bring attention, and solutions, to the issue. Bioré gets to the root of the problem with three signature products formulated to help prevent, treat, and fight against acne to give you clean, clear, and beautiful skin. {Products sent for review/feature}

  1. Prevent with Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser – A salicylic acid acne treatment that invigorates and cools as it removes over 99% of dirt and oil that can cause blemishes. This oil free cleanser helps defend against blemishes before they start. The refreshing liquid cleanser targets and removes dirt and oil that can cause blemishes, leaving you with clear skin.
  2. Treat with Bioré Blemish Fighting Astringent –  Go beyond cleaning and actually treat blemishes with this powerful astringent. Salicylic acid is the key to this power-packed toner that penetrates pores to help treat blemishes and reduce breakouts, making acne one less thing to stress about..
  3. Fight Acne with Bioré Acne Clearing Scrub - This treatment targets deep-down dirt and oil for a clearer, healthier complexion in just 2 days. This mandarin mint scented scrub contains Skin Purifying Technology - an exclusive formula that not only treats blemishes, over time it helps prevent new ones from forming by clearing away impurities. And it's gentle enough to use every day!

I've honestly used these products off and on for quite a while now - I trust the quality and efficacy of the Biore so much, it is the brand that I buy almost exclusively for my teenage daughter! Until next time...

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