Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tia Mowry is on the Cover of Women's Running Magazine

I've been a fan of Tia and Tamera Mowry since their Sister Sister days, despite the annoying taunting I used to receive due to our shared curly girl hair do's when I was younger. It's been really nice to see both of their careers progress as well as their personal lives - I've been able to grow with them and now they both are wives and mothers just like me, so that makes them even more relatable. Tia looks fantastic as the cover women on the latest edition on Women's Running Magazine and her interview inside is very insightful....

Available on newsstands now, former 90’s sister and current star of “Instant Mom” on Nick at Nite, Tia Mowry fronts the May 2014 issue of Women’s Running magazine. The 35-year-old mom to son Cree dishes on swapping fried food for quinoa, being diagnosed with endometriosis, about soup for breakfast, getting back into a routine post giving birth, saying goodbye to sugar, and why running is her go to workout.

Here are a few snippets from the article:

· Infertility fears: Four years ago the actress was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that can potentially cause infertility. Her doctor suggested as part of her treatment she work with a nutritionist to develop healthier eating habits which would include cutting processed foods, sugar and refined grains out of her diet. “Sugar was like a drug I was addicted to.”

· Have shoes… will travel: “Running is my go to workout,” Mowry says. “If I’m traveling, I can just put on my shoes and go. It’s the easiest workout you can do.”

· On Miso soup at breakfast: “Miso soup with brown-rice miso, seaweed, tofu and carrots is a favorite. I’m a huge fan of soups in the morning,” said the actress who sites the Japanese who believe hot soup in the morning is a great way to prepare the digestive system for a meal.

· Tia’s advice for new moms: “Start slow. Work out two of three times a week in the beginning. As you get stronger again, you can start working out four times a week, then maybe five. Set small goals, and only set new goals once you accomplish the small ones. “

Behind the scenes, Mowry danced along to her favorite Pandora pump up channel: Today’s Hit Hop & Pop Hits, played around on a red mini tricycle and scoured the wardrobe racks full of sports bras, tops and tights to find the perfect looks. 

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