Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stay Hydrated Fashionably with Rive! (New Year, New You!)

I STRUGGLE with drinking as much water as I should, so doing a better job at staying hydrated is more of an all-the-time goal than a New Year's Resolution for me. One of the reasons getting proper hydration is something I'm trying to achieve, is that it is a critical part of health, fitness, and weight loss - which are really my ultimate goals. And I'm not alone: Over 50% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions and of that number, 40% deal with weight loss. You do the math. Rivé water bottles can serve as the first step in motivating. {Product provided for review}

Limited Edition Patricia Field 2013 New York Fashion Week Opening Party Keepsake Bottle

Rivé is an innovator in water bottle engineering and design, revolutionizing the way consumers view hydration and is a producer of safe, sustainable and stylish solutions. Embellished with fashion forward artwork for the fashion elite and composed of glass to offer sustainability for eco-conscious consumers alike, Rivé transforms a colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid into an experience that excites the senses for all. The sleek shapes, bold colors, and fashion-inspired graphics fused with functionality is what truly sets Rivé apart. 

Elan 12oz Vibe Glass Water Bottle

Now that may sound like a bunch of hoopla to some, but for me personally, it is a chic reminder to drink more water. I see my pretty Orion Coral Twist and I feel compelled to keep it full of fresh water, and more importantly, to sip from it. And besides the fact that it is fashion forward and eco-friendly, it's vastly better for the delicate skin on your face than traditional water bottles! Constantly pursing your mouth around a water bottle creates lines and wrinkles around your lips and exacerbates and deepens existing ones. 

Savoy Designer Series

Composed of glass – the only packaging considered safe by the FDA – they’re also safe, sustainable and affordable ranging from $15-$25. Sold at www.riveusa.com, at national Target stores, and select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.

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