Friday, January 31, 2014

Fab Five Friday: Facial Cleansers (Winter Wonderland Beauty)

Fab Five Friday: Facial Cleansers (Winter Wonderland Beauty)

During the harsh winter months, cool, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s important to switch your skincare routine to compensate for the drying weather. Even my normally oily skin favors an adjustment in the type of cleanser I use in the cold, winter months - I make the switch from gels that target my oiliness to creams and foams for dry skin, in order to preserve my natural moisture. Here are a few of my favorite winter-friendly facial cleansers that will start your skin care routine with soothing moisture for winter parched skin. {Products sent for review consideration}
Nubian Heritage African Black Soap with Oats, Aloe, and Vitamin E is my every day morning cleanser. I actually had it in my stash for a while, but didn't reach for it until I suffered a major break out. I had long heard of how fantastic African Black Soap is for oily and acne prone skin, so I thought I'd give it a try, and now I will never be without it. I've noticed a marked difference in the tone and texture of my skin since using the soap and it has definitely helped to keep breakouts at bay. While I prefer to lather the bar in my hand and apply it to my face {then use my Clarisonic Mia}, you could also use the bar directly on your skin and benefit from the exfoliating effects of the bits of oatmeal in it.

Merlot Grape Seed Cleanser  provides the antioxidant benefits of red grape seed while cleansing, softening, and nourishing the skin. The non foaming, soap free formula is super gentle and suitable for all skin types. I reach for this cleanser when I know I'm going to be using a more heavy duty treatment {like an acne treatment, purifying mask, or peel}, because I know that my skin will be clean but not stripped or sensitive.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser gently washes away surface impurities, environmental toxins and excess cell build-up while protecting skin’s moisture balance, which I found to be really useful this season. It's loaded with vitamins and exfoliating enzymes {y'all know I'm all about exfoliating},  and contains Pumpkin Fruit and Honey to hydrate and refine skin’s surface, and Blue Green Algae {rich in minerals and antioxidants} to fortify skin tissues and help soothe redness and irritation. This was my jam for night time cleansing - when used with my Clarisonic, it provided a thorough yet gentle cleanse and the slightly spicy, pumpkin scent was a soothing bedtime treat.

Amarte Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam  is so good, I almost feel the need to ration it out for special occasions! This lusciously whipped-to-perfection cleanser is great for refreshing and pampering all skin types {including oily and acne-prone complexions}. Rich with ActivElements {a feature in all Amarte products}, its creamy lather lifts away impurities and prepares skin for hydration. The cucumber-infused lather is a pure treat and EVERY TIME I use it my skin looks and feels amazing.

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes is not technically a cleanser, but I'm in the habit of removing my makeup and then cleansing {if you're not doing that already, please try it - the added step is truly a skin changing step}, so this has been a vital part of my cleansing routine. Sometime makeup removers can leave your skin feeling stripped and raw, and sometimes they can leave your skin feeling greasy with traces of makeup still remaining. I found this remover to be just right for removing my face makeup and lipstick {though at times, I needed to use an additional remover for my eyes}. It gently removes dirt, buildup, impurities and pollutants, while leaving skin feeling soothed and conditioned. Plus its all-natural plant, tangerine, and orange oils de-congest the skin and increase circulation {plus it smells FANTASTIC}.

Do you switch up your skin care regimen when the seasons change? How do you care for your skin during the harsh winter months? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

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