Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wunderkind Favorites!

Wunderkind Favorites

I'm trying a little something different this month: while I've featured my monthly favorites as well as Peyton's, I've never done them for my youngest daughters, Lo and Kenzie. So now, in no particular order,  here are a few things we have been loving lately! {Some products were sent for consideration}

These two may qualify more as favorites for me than for my girls, but I don't know what I would've done the past two months or so without Puff's Fresh Face wipes and Boogie Mist {sent for review}. The girls have been trading sickness back and forth since before Thanksgiving - that means a lot of runny noses, coughing, snot, vomit, etc. It's hard enough on little ones when they're congested, so I really appreciated the gentle effectiveness of the Fresh Face Wipes {they are wet wipes, treated with saline solution} and the Boogie Mist. Trust me, I approached Kenzie with another {generic} saline solutions and she wasn't having any of it - it got her so upset it actually made the issue worse! But when I tried Boogie Mist, she was so distracted by the cute, kid-friendly packaging that I was successful in using in on her. She developed a sinus and double ear infection, so making sure to get all of her mucous out was very important.

Another important thing has been keeping her head and ears covered when we go out, particularly to the bus stop to pick up her big sister. She's very particular with her hats, but she LOVES her Flipeez hat! I'm not gonna lie, I scoffed a bit when I first saw these little hats advertised on TV, but I'm sincerely a fan of anything that will help keep my little monkey warm and this cute little hat does the job. Not only is it cute {it a novel sort of way}, but the reason Kenzie is happy to wear it {and many a argument has occurred between her a Lo over it} is because when you squeeze the little pom poms, the tail in the back waggles! It's really cute and Kenzie loves to show it off every chance she gets.

Along those lines {of making daily trips to the bus stop}, the girls both recently acquired Hello Kitty umbrellas from Nordstrom. It's pretty safe to say that they are sort of obsessed with all things Hello Kitty {they get it honest from me} - Lo has acquired a Hello Kitty watch from her grandpa and the first charm she selected for her charm bracelet was Hello Kitty as well {I bought her a charm bracelet as a reward for learning words and she gets a new charm for every 10 words she learns; I've recently realized that I'm going to go broke if we keep this up for too long}. So enamored are they with their umbrellas, they are actually disappointed when it isn't a rainy day!

Speaking of popular characters, London is also all about anything Fancy Nancy. I think she may be a francophile {also like me}, so she relates to Nancy affinity for all things fancy and French. She picks a new Fancy Nancy book from her school library every week, so soon I think I will start collecting books for her to add to her personal library. Kenzie has rediscovered her love for Peppa Pig {she sort of goes in cycles as far as her likes - it goes: Pocoyo, Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, then back around again}. Thank goodness for scores of episodes being available on YouTube!

Every year, See's Candies sets up a stand inside of our local mall for the holiday. I promise you, Lo has some sort of inner mechanism that tells her that it's "that" time of the year and the See's salesperson will be at the mall passing out yummy lollipop samples. So now the little bits are obsessed with going to the mall so that they can score their favorite Butterscotch and Chocolate Lollipops {and I'll admit, I'm happy to see the See's stand too}.

London suffers from pretty bad dry skin all year round, but it gets worse when the weather gets colder. She was really complaining about itching even after we smoothed on her regular lotion. I was really happy to receive SebaMed's Baby Lotion for her, we saw immediate results. Not only does she not complain about itching anymore, I saw a visible difference in her skin as well as felt an improvement in the texture of her skin. We now use it before she goes to bed at night and before she goes to school in the morning. We WILL be repurchasing - in fact I think we need to have a back up so that we don't risk EVER being without it!

Kenzie, on the other hand, has no particular skin issues, but my littlest love does not like to go to sleep. What does that have to do with her skin? Well, I've been using Baby Mantra's Calming Lotion on her at night and it is has worked perfectly to help relax her in to lullaby land at night. Now if only I can get it to work for her to take a nap...

Finally, Curly Kids Hair Care is FANTASTIC!!! We have literally used up every bit of three of the 5 products we were sent: the Super Detangling Spray, Curly Creme Conditioner, and Curly Gel Moisturizer {which may be the ONLY product that my hubby finds as a suitable alternative to his absolute favorite Kinky Curly Curling Custard- which says A LOT!}. We rarely use hair products to completion, so the fact that we've gone through 3 products, from one line, in this short amount of time is remarkable.

That's just a small sampling of what the lil bits have been loving lately - and I have to admit that they have pretty good taste! What have you and your little ones been fans of recently? My inquiring mind is dying to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

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