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5 Tips for Busy Moms to a Healthier & More Balanced You in 2014

Urban Halo, The Fashionable & Functional Headband That Goes From Preschool Dropoff To Yoga

It’s almost the New Year, and Urban Halo is ready to help you look trendy and stylish while running around doing your daily mommy duties. Moms have so much to juggle. Whether we're running to the grocery store to replenish the peanut butter, dropping off our littles at day-care, fitting in a Pilates class, or whipping up a tasty dinner for the family, finding balance amidst the chaos can be a challenge. With a new year comes new resolutions and a chance to take control of our schedules, set limits, and compromise to create a more stress-free (and fun!) lifestyle. Whether you are at the gym trying to run off those holiday cookies or running the little guy to hockey practice your Halo goes everywhere you go. Urban Halo offers trendy one-of-a kind prints, patterns and solids to fit your every day style with no slip, no sweat, and no headache! {Product sent for consideration}

As a mom, Jen Joas (founder of UrbanHalo) knows exactly how it feels to be up to your head in tasks. Below are words of advice that can help moms strengthen marital bonds, center themselves, and reclaim a sense of normalcy as they adjust to new priorities in the upcoming year:

Suggestions For A Healthier And More Balanced You

Schedule “Me” time – Whether you’re a Mom for the first time or have multiple kids, you know adding a new person to your routine changes everything. The baby’s schedule takes over the hum of the household. Making time for you can be challenging, but it can be done! And if you’re a Mom of school-aged kids, you know how much time is spent driving kids to activities and appointments. Make time each week for some down time where you can recharge and revitalize yourself. Take a class on that hobby you enjoy or indulge in a bubble bath and a good book. Nurturing the soul is as vital to motherhood as caring for your new baby. Ask Grandma or a good friend to babysit so you find moments to truly relax.

Eat Healthy – Eating right takes a conscious effort and time to plan. As a mother, a clean diet and proper nutrition are recipes for success! If you are breastfeeding you need to fuel your body with healthy foods to keep your stamina and health at optimum levels. If you have a picky toddler, you can model good eating habits by packaging ziplocs of raw fruits and vegetables as “fast food” that you can grab and go with your busy schedule. Key to know is that the less you handle foods in the cooking process the more vitamin-rich they are. Grill and broil meats when possible and keep lots of greens and nuts on hand for a quick pick-me-up. Remember, carbohydrates will make you feel lethargic so keep those to a minimum. And of course, drink plenty of water!

Date Night – New Dads may feel a tinge of jealousy over all of the time you spend caring for your new bundle of joy. As your family expands and the kids grow older, make reigniting the romance in your marriage a top priority. Even if you can’t rendezvous with your partner as often as you used too, it is important to schedule time for the two of you bond. Making Dad feel important and needed in your life will help him adjust to your new family dynamic, and increase his attraction for you.
Learn to Say “No” – It is so much simpler to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes calling, however, learning to say “no” is an essential skill you will want to acquire. Besides your daily routine of taking care of the kids and the household, your days will also be filled with dentist appointments, play dates, extra curricular activities, volunteering at the school and possibly going back to work. There are all kinds of worthy causes to say “yes” to, but it is prudent to be selective about activities you choose to commit to. Friends and family will understand if you have to occasionally say “no” to keep your sanity in check.

Exercise – When you’re sleep-deprived, the last thing you want to attempt is a good workout. However, exercise is an excellent way to release endorphins and increase your energy. Taking the kids for a walk around the block, bike-riding, or wrestling with them on the floor can be an outstanding way for you and the kids to get your blood pumping, boost your heart rate, and spend quality time together. Include other moms in your neighborhood and get some socializing in at the same time. Having kids can make it tough to squeeze in a full workout, but even 10-15 minutes of activity three times a week can benefit your physical and emotional wellbeing. Not only will you be burning off stress and increasing your energy level, but you’ll be maintaining your fitness at the same time!

Urban Halo headbands pair perfectly as you conquer those New Year's resolutions of hitting the gym, taking on more volunteer projects, or spending more quality time with the kiddos. These headbands will become your “go-to” when you want to spice up your wardrobe or keep your hair out of your face when you are on-the-go or working out.  They're made from a buttery soft signature fabric that's custom printed through an eco-friendly waterless process.  Their unique designs allow you to wear your headband wide, narrow or scrunched.  And, if one your New Year's resolutions was to become more cost conscientious, you'll be happy to hear that they're only $15!

So grab your preferred Urban Halo and let's head out that door and take on the New Year together!

You can see the complete Urban Halo collection at www.myurbanhalo.com and “like” them on Facebook. Until next time...

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