Thursday, October 24, 2013

Support BCA With the Wear and Share Pink Collection from Isabelle GraceJewelry

Confession: this is the 3rd {or possibly 4th} time I've attempted to write this post. I've had a hard time with it because it hits particularly close to home for me right now: my mother is currently battling breast cancer. Originally, I wanted to get personal with this post and share what we're going through with this, but I just can't. This is my first public declaration/acknowledgement of my mother's illness and it was hard enough just to do that.  So please just know that though this is merely a piece of jewelry, what it stands for means a lot to me {and you'll notice that it is the only BCA post I've chosen to share}Rose Gold Hammered Bar Necklace {pictured above} sent for review consideration...

The color pink has become such an integral part in the fight against breast cancer. It’s a universal symbol that brings people together from all walks of life and unites us in our crusade against cancer. Isabelle Grace Jewelry, known for elegant, handcrafted jewelry, has designed theWear and Share Pink Collection in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
 Rose Gold Hammered Bar Necklace 

Wearing pink has become a symbol of sisterhood; it’s a symbol that binds us together in times of strength and in weakness. Pink allows us to show our compassion, courage, and remembrance without saying a word. 

Rose Gold Bead Necklace
When you choose pink by purchasing one of the Rose Gold necklaces, Isabelle Grace will donate 70% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Rose Gold Floating Initial Necklace

Available in the collectionRose Gold Cross Necklace($27), Rose Gold Floating Initial Necklace ($28), Rose Gold Hammered Bar Necklace ($32), and Rose Gold Bead Necklace($34).

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  1. I'm sorry about your mother's illness. My best wishes go out to you and your family.


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