Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Green Lice Guard Collection: A Back to School Basic

I don't like bugs, and neither do my girls {or my hubby for that matter}. That might seem like a "duh!" statement, but last night we just watched an episode of "Ridiculousness" on MTV where some IDIOT actually reached out to touch a huge poisonous spider and then had the audacity to be shocked when the spider bit him. No matter whether you are like me and completely averse to all things creepy crawley or an amateur entomologist {insect enthusiast}, any sane person knows to be wary and take precautions against parasitic, disease carrying, poisonous, or simply nuisance causing insects. It is in that vein that I am happy to share this inventive, preventative, hair product for your precious little ones from Little Green! {Products sent for consideration}

Comprised of 3 products that are clinically proven to help prevent head lice infestation. These products are EFFECTIVE, yet gentle enough for daily use. The collection includes: 

There has been no cause for alarm thus far in the school year, but rest assured, with the Little Green Lice Guard System on hand, we are prepared? Are you? Until next time...

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