Thursday, October 3, 2013

Introducing noya! AKA: Let Me Enable Your Lip Balm Obsession...

Introducing noya {sent for review; $3.99 at www.noyabeauty.com}! New and all natural, these lip balms are made with pure and simple ingredients like Olive Oil, Coconut oil, and Beeswax. Each balm is lightweight yet packs a heavy amount of lasting hydration, perfect for those of us that are snobs about our lips {and lip products}! They come in four super yummy flavors: classic, vanilla, cherry and spearmint.

I got to try the Cherry and Vanilla flavors and they are both fantastic! I'm partial to the cherry though-think of your classic cherry ChapStick and kick it up a notch. Noya's version is way better than the perennial favorite because it smells like actual cherries {and not a chemical, manufactured version of what we think cherries should smell like}. And they both feel so luscious and smooth on the lips!

Another really cool thing about Noya Lip Balm can be found right on the back of the package: it's Kosher, All-Natural, Preservative Free, and Not Tested on Animals. I officially need all four of these in my life, and possibly some back ups {#dontjudgeme - I've already admitted that I may have a problem}. So really, GO GET SOME! You can thank me later. Until next time...

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  1. I honestly am stuck on Buddha Balm. Their flavors are the best and they aren't generic like vanilla and cherry. I just found Lychee Pomegranate at GNC and oh my its amazing.


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