Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Into Beauty with L'Occitane's Lavender Bounty!

The Lavender fields of Provence have just finished a wonderful season. Capture the aromatic essence with L’Occitane’s Lavender Collection, and let the fresh scent transport you to the hills of the south of France. I'm usually not a big fan of lavender scents because they come off chemically to me. But L'Occitane has found a way to bottle up the herbaceous flower  in such a way that it is just like plucking a sprig from one of the lavender bushes in my front yard. {Product was sent for review/editorial consideration}

Lavender Eau de Cologne ($52): {Product sent for review} Brightened by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits, this Cologne has a light, breezy scent, underlined by a woody, musky base with a captivating trail.

Lavender Foaming Bath ($34): This rich formula offers all the relaxing benefits of Haute-Provence Lavender. It generously foams in the bath, leaving skin supple, clean and fragrant.

Lavender Shower Gel  ($20)A fresh, invigorating start! This pure, plant-based gel helps you to wash away impurities AND stress in the shower! Because L'Occitane used Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) lavender, the scent is perfume quality and is a real treat for your senses. 

Instead of depending on harsh chemicals and medications. lavender is a subtle choice to help relieve symptoms of stress, insomnia anxiety. The shower gel is perfect to use when you know that you have a trying day ahead. The cologne is also the perfect everyday fragrance to keep you nice and mellow regardless of what the day may throw at you. The foaming bath is a great nightcap-just the fragrant experience one needs to wind down before bed time. Until next time...


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