Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make Back to School Scent-Sational with Bath and Body Works!

We all know that I'm obsessed with Bath and Body Works and so it should come as no surprise that my girls are a bit obsessed too! One of our back to school traditions {it's been a long standing one between Peyton and I, and this year London got to join in on the fun as well}is to stock up on new PocketBacs and holders for their backpacks {and maybe a few for me as well}! This year, Peyton wanted to get a Scentportable for her room and locker as well, and how could I say no when I saw all of the cute options available? {Some products were sent for review/feature consideration}

Center: Pink Leopard Peace Sign Scentportable Holder with Sweet Pea scent; PocketBac scents, clockwise from upper right: Caramel Apple(in tie dye holder), Noir for Men, First Bloom, Bourbon Peach, Twilight Woods for men, and Strawberries. 

Whether you’re heading to high school or moving into your dorm, you want to start the year on trend.  With Bath & Body Works' Scentportables and PocketBacs, students of all ages  will have the chicest-looking and best-smelling lockers, cars and dorm rooms and also keep themselves healthy and germ free!

Peyton's Scentportable. She clipped it to the cord on her blinds!

As we all know, lockers, dorm rooms, and even the inside of a teenager’s room might not smell {or look} the best.  Bath & Body Works’ newest Scentportable Holders ($3.00-$12.50) and Scentportables Fragrances ($3.50) will not only leave these areas smelling great, but will also add a fun pop of dimension and color to all of these spaces!  You can stick your favorite fragrance into any holder and it will radiate the scent without any plug, battery or flame {which is great for Pey because she started asking about having candles in her room, and I was like, NO WAY!, so the Scentportable is great option for room fragrance for her}.

Bath & Body Works PocketBacs ($1.75) will help prevent students from spreading germs while smelling great.  With delicious scents like classic Sweet Pea, Heirloom Pear, Vanilla Berry Sorbet,  Fresh Lavender, Garden Herbs, Autumn Day, and Cinnamon Pumpkin -these powerful germ killers leave hands clean and sweetly scented while walking between classes {so the kiddies don't bring the cooties back home} and on-the-go!

My current situation on my B. Makowsky Cross Body purse: Island Nectar PocketBac in a sparkly holder!

What is your favorite PocketBac scent and holder design? Are you like the girls and I - do you have a scent and holder for EVERY bag {plus some}? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

Oh... and BTW: The Scentportable Holders and Refills are currently buy 4 get 2 free and the PocketBacs are 5 for $5! So, GO GET SOME! LOL :)

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  1. I love the pocket bacs! I have one in several rooms of the house, as well as my car, purse and the kids back packs! :)


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