Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Protect Your Hair!

Protect Your Hair!

Whether it's from the sun, ocean and sand, or pool water... don't leave your hair out to dry in the elements! Try these solutions to protect your tresses and your little ones' too!

Launched at the request of the Olympic Synchronized Swimming team to protect their hair from constant exposure to chlorine, the Philip Kingsley Swimcap {sent for review} provides ultimate protection while in the elements of summer.  Between the sun, chlorine, salt water and wind, strands require just as much protection as your skin during the summer months.  This bottle of goodness trekked with me to the Jersey shore and boy am I glad I had it! I applied it to sections of my hair after using a bit of bottled water to dampen it. After spending all day out in the sun and ocean, I was so happy to have the protection of this cream swim cap. And when we returned home and I washed the sun and sand away, my curls were noticeably softer than before.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Key Features:

Protects against dryness and damage caused by chlorine and salt
Prevents hair color fading by sun exposure
Perfect for preventing blonde hair from turning green in chlorinated water
Provides a super conditioning treatment for the hair
Provides great protection for both adult’s and children’s hair

The Philip Kingsley Swimcap is available for $32 at philipkingsley.com.

For the girls, I used a leave-in conditioner spray with sun protection. SO COZY Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen (sent for review; available at www.SoCozy.com, $13.95) is specially formulated to bring out the natural body and shine in children’s hair. The paraben-free leave-in conditioner also includes sunscreen protection to shield kids’ delicate hair and scalp from the harmful effects of the sun. Ideal for wet or dry hair, the lightweight mist prevents flyaways and frizz, leaving hair smooth and silky. The girls and I loved the coconut scent and the fact that it is in a convenient spray bottle. The only way I could've liked it more was if it some how kept them from getting sand in their hair!

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  1. Nice post. I was looking up sunscreen for kids when I came across your post. I have my niece and 2 nephews coming to spend the rest of the summer with me so I have been doing some research. I never even thought about protection for your hair. We are definitely going to be out in the sun and in the pool a lot and I don't want to dry their hair out. I will have to get some of this. Thanks so much for sharing, this was very helpful!


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