Thursday, August 8, 2013

Introducing Natural Life! (Fuzzy Ear Buds Review)

Natural Life Fuzz Ear Buds (picture by Peyton)

Natural Life is an ultra trendy accessory and lifestyle brand!  They have something for everyone and for all seasons! I was sent these super cute ear buds to review and Peyton (my 13 year old daughter) begged me for them. I told her that if she took pictures and wrote up a review she could have them. So here's what she has to say...

Natural Life’s Pink, Purple, & Olive Fuzzy Ear Buds are a great product for any trendy tech girl! If you own a pair of ear buds, you know how easily they get tangled... really tangled. The cord on these these ear buds is covered in soft fuzzy fabric, and this keeps them from getting tangled so easily. Another plus is that the fuzzy fabric makes the ear buds looks super cute. These ear buds are currently priced at $15.00, and Naturallife.com is doing free shipping for orders over $50. Cute and tangle-free, what more could you want from ear buds? 

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