Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brand Spotlight: The Swiss Secret to Perfect Skin: ZENSATION!

The Swiss Secret to Perfect Skin: ZENSATION!

Introducing a new skin care line from Switzerland called ZENSATION! These luxurious products are formulated with natural Swiss Alpine plant and fruit extracts to leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. Without using harmful ingredients, ZENSATION products naturally hydrate skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and producing a bright, radiant complexion that keeps skin glowing day after day. {products sent for review}

About the brand:

ZENSATION is a luxurious Swiss cosmeceuticals line based on the natural potency of pure, alpine plant extracts and cutting-edge science. The goal of these formulations is to help slow the aging process through a dynamic line of cleansers, toners, serums, gels and creams. The products are designed to address a wide range of common skin issues for healthy-looking skin.

I'm head over heels for ZENSATIONS' pretty packaging !

Here's an easy five step system that you can use with ZENSATION {or any brand really} to achieve clean, clear, and balanced skin. I am currently in the process of testing these products, so while I can't give you my final thoughts {yet}, I can say so far so good!

ZENSATION Gentle Rose Eye Makeup Remover

Step One: Makeup Removal with ZENSATION Gentle Rose Eye Makeup Remover {$25 at dermstore.com}- we all know that we should remove our makeup before we sleep {really it should be the least that we do for our skin every night}, so it's important to have a remover that will do the job gently yet efficiently. Removing eye makeup {especially stubborn longwear, waterproof, and darkly pigmented formulas} can always be difficult, but not with ZENSATION Gentle Rose Eye Makeup Remover! This eye makeup remover is unlike any other, since it is infused with Organic Cornflower Floral Water. It has a wonderful calming effect on the eyes which allows this remover to be incredibly gentle on the sensitive eye area. It also smells fresh and delightful, but most importantly, it gets the job done.

ZENSATION Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser

Step Two: Cleanse with ZENSATION Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser {$35 at dermstore.com}- more than removing our makeup, our skin needs the chance to have a fresh start so that it can go through its natural replenishing process overnight. Help it along by purifying your skin with ZENSATION Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser. This cleanser is enriched with a blend of ingredients to remove dirt and oil without over drying the skin. It also contains Salicylic Acid which helps to really clean pores, while the Rosemary Leaf Extract, Echinacea Extract and Calendula Extract tone and moisturize, leaving your skin feeling healthy and purified.

ZENSATION Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream

Step Three: Exfoliate with ZENSATION Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream {$50 at dermstore.com}- I don't know about you, but my oily complexion seems to act its best when I exfoliate at least every other day! But when you exfoliate that much, it's super important to use something that is gentle on the skin. This gentle exfoliator contains organic Rosa Mosqueta exfoliating particles that gently remove dead cells and impurities that leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth. Bonus: while this exfoliator removes unwanted dead skin, it also moisturizes and hydrates the skin with Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Shea Butter.

ZENSATION Collagen Rose Facial Toner

Step Four: Tone with ZENSATION Collagen Rose Facial Toner {$35 at dermstore.com}- Why is it important to incorporate a toner in your skincare regimen? Toner returns your skin to its normal pH balance {which is about 5.5}. ZENSATION Collagen Rose Facial Toner is a gentle, skin-firming toner that use active botanicals. It balances pH levels as it removes residual impurities from your skin leftover from cleansing. Damask rose water hydrates, soothes and renews your skin while aloe vera calms and comforts inflammation. Natural protein peptides inhibit the degradation of collagen due to aging and environmental stresses to leave skin firm, soft and radiant.

Step Five: Moisturize with ZENSATION Super Nourishing Cream SPF 50 {$85.00 at dermstore.com}- Slight disclaimer here: I use all of the previously mentioned products as a part of my night time skin care routine {though all of them can be used in the morning too}, but I don't use products with SPF in them before bedtime {because it's sort of pointless and not so good for your skin to put sun protection on it unnecessarily}, so this is a moisturizer I would use in the morning. This is pretty much effortless, luxurious everyday sun protection! ZENSATION Super Nourishing Cream SPF 50 shields, hydrates, and nourishes your complexion with intensely moisturizing botanicals and marine extracts. Scentless Camomile Extract infuses skin with moisture, and Sea Fennel Concentrate from coastal plants provides a natural skin guard. Dry skin is quenched and refreshed instantly and protected for hours. Multifunctional Salicylic Acid Ester gently exfoliates to give your skin a refined, smooth texture.

ZENSATION Healing and Soothing Mask

Bonus or Step Six: Treat with ZENSATION Healing and Soothing Mask {$85 at dermstore.com}- At least once a week, it's good to pamper your skin with a mask that treats whatever issues your skin is currently dealing with. If your face needs a bit of extra love and attention, the Zensation Healing and Soothing Mask is just what it's calling for! This mask features many soothing and hydrating elements that are ideal for calming irritated skin. Its rich mixture of Carnauba Wax, Bee’s Wax and Shea butter will moisturize and soften delicate skin while leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

One of the things that I love about using these products, is that they absolutely do feel like I'm treating myself while doing something completely necessary. From the chic, luxe packaging, the divine scents, and the overall feel of the products on my skin-I'm really feeling the love for ZENSATION. I like to try products out for a few weeks before I can completely feel comfortable recommending them, so stay tuned to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for feedback on the products individually. Until next time...

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