Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quickie Review: Lulah Hand Cream

Lulah Hand Cream in Peony 

I know you hear this from me often, but one of the things I'm also "obsessed" with {and subsequently have a tendency to hoard} is hand cream. I've always been paranoid about the rough texture of the skin on my palms, and now that I take pictures if my nails frequently AND wash dishes multiple times a day, that obsession has just heightened.

Just in time for me to run out {miracle of miracles, I used a product all up} of the eos hand lotion in Berry Blossom I had been using nightly {the packaging is totally cute and honestly the lotion itself was nice, but nothing special}, I received this beauty from Lulah {sent for the purpose if review}. And this little lovely is indeed something special!

Lulah Hand Creams (MSRP $9) are ultra-rich and moisturizing. Invigorate your senses with nourishing Shea butter, protective vitamin E and hydrating glycerin. Available in Peony {the sent i reviewed}, Vanilla Orchid, Citron,Magnolia Fig and Tamarind Ginger, these hand creams will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

First of all, the light floral scent is divine! While it would fit just fine in my purse, I prefer to keep it on my nightstand to use at night because the scent is so pleasant and relaxing {and the hubby doesn't complain about it being too perfumey}. But more importantly, it works! My hands feel so soft and smooth which is quite remarkable considering how light and quick absorbing the formula is. My hands don't feel slippery or greasy after I use this, and it doesn't take forever and a day for it to soak into the skin. 

I had never heard of Lulah prior to receiving the hand cream to review, but now that I've tried it, and have checked out their website, I'm ready to try even more. Here's a little about Lulah: 

A boutique brand for everyone. Lulah presents a whole new approach to specialty fragrances. As a modern collection of complex blends and botanical scents, she creates a remarkable signature unlike any on the market. Lulah was inspired by today’s stylish women who are looking for interesting, sophisticated fragrances at everyday prices. Offering a variety of fragrances to represent how you feel – sassy or sensuous, high-energy or introspective. So, whatever awaits your day, there’s a fragrance to help bring out your best. Accessible, high-quality and fashionable, Lulah is your girl. Long in the making, Lulah’s fragrances are the result of creative R&D and an artisan perfumer who blends nature, art and science to create outstanding products. Her fragrances are designed to inspire, energize and invigorate. Lulah is proud to be made and filled in the USA. All Lulah products have been meticulously formulated with an eye toward naturally derived plant-base ingredients.We never use: Parabens, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, SLS/SLES, or perform Animal Testing. 

After checking out the site, I'm quite certain I want to try the Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Body Mist as well, and I just have to get a whiff of the other fragrances as they sound delightful! I hope this has piqued your interest as well! Until next time...

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  1. Good hand cream products. I will try this cream for my self.Thanks for sharing information.


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