Monday, October 14, 2013

Quickie Review: Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

I'm not gonna lie, I don't usually care for wearing socks... like, ever. But with these I have finally met a pair I will make an exception for!

I was a bit skeptical when I received Heat Holders Thermal Socks for review, I mean, how special can a pair of socks really be? But they are special! They're soft to the touch, particularly on the inside. And my notoriously cold feet were instantly warmed and comforted in a cocoon of fuzziness. What's more, when I got up to go about my chores, etc. it literally felt like I was walking on warm , fluffy clouds! 

Here's more info on Heat Holders

"With a tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders provide a practical and economical alternative to layering socks. A TOG rating (Thermal Overall Grade) is a recognized measure of a textiles thermal ability. The higher the tog rating, the better the product is able to keep you warm. The unique patent pending extra long looped thermal pile which is unique to Heat Holders has been newly developed.
This innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding this closer to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer. The soft brushed inner adds comfort and softness where feet need it the most. Their gentle grip prevents rubbing or discomfort that may be experienced from a sock with a lower tog rating. Furthermore the advanced insulating yarn created for Heat Holders provides high performance insulation and superior moisture wicking abilities."

As far as I'm concerned, these will be the only socks I wear inside the house and I have absolutely no need for slippers. I went from never wanting to wear socks, to wearing these almost every moment I'm in the house! Plus, wearing them at night while you sleep can actually improve the quality of your sleep {and I can personally attest to this; I wore them the first night I got them and I don't think I've slept that soundly since before I had kids!}. Until next time...

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