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It's a L'Occitane Summer!

A L'Occitane Summer

It's no secret that I'm a fan of all things Parisian, especially French beauty goods, including the wide variety of goodies available from L'Occitane. One of the side effects of being a beauty blogger is  not being able to repeat products {trust me, I'm not complaining though}- because of my reviewing schedule, I have to rotate products fairly frequently and often don't come back to a product after I've completed the review. But if you'll notice, some of these products have been featured on the blog already {I'll include links to original posts/reviews}. I realized that the products that I've received to review from L'Occitane are among my favorites and they have made their ways into my regular rotation {despite having a copious amount of other similar products to use as well}. So here are some of my favorite L'Occitane products, guaranteed to help me make through the summer {and beyond} cool, calm, collected, and coiffed!

Spring Cherry Eau de Toilette (MSRP $42) - {originally reviewed here}. This delightful fragrance begins with the fruity notes of mandarin and blackcurrant, followed by a heart of floral cherry blossoms and magnolia then underlined by a base of musk and woody notes. L'Occitanes take on the classic cherry blossom fragrance, this eau de toilette contains a cherry extract from the Luberon region of Provence.

Immortelle Brightening UV Shield SPF40 (MSRP $58) - This has been my go to sunscreen since I received it a little while ago. Between taking long walks with the girls and spending time poolside, I've been super conscientious of us all wearing adequate sun protection. I prefer this beauty for my face, neck, and decolletage because it offers triple action benefits to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, unify the complexion and protect skin against the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.

Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter (MSRP $40) - {original post here}. I have a tiny tin of this that lives in my purse. I take it everywhere I go, because it's good for almost everything! I use it as lip balm, cuticle oil, to smooth down my eyebrows and errant flyaway hairs, and for scrapes and bumps on the lil bits. 

L'Occitane 'Angelica' Instant Hydration Masque (MSRP $36) - {originally featured here}. I can't tell you how much I love this mask! It's an ultra fresh and rinse-free gel that rehydrates even the thirstiest skin in just three minutes, with a unique complex of organic angelica essential oil and angelica water, for a natural hydration boost. I actually use it as a moisturizer at night {you don't have to rinse it off} after I've used a peel, scrub, or have spent the day out in the sun. The scent is marvelous, it feels cool and refreshing on the skin, and without fail I wake up to glowing skin!

Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash - Honey (MSRP $34) - {originally featured here}. It's the perfect body wash for summer, with the soothing scent of milk and honey and a formula that's gentle enough for the whole family. Lately London and Kenzie have been wanting to jump in the shower with me and it's so much easier to use this creamy concoction for all of us than having multiple bottles of body wash. I also love the pump dispenser and generous amount of product {at 20 fl. oz., one bottle will last a good while}. I actually won this from beautyinfozone.com. Definitely check them out for great reviews and beauty giveaways!

Almond Foot Care (MSRP $16) -  {originally featured here} This is awesome to use during the day, right before you slip on sandals. Not only does it soften dry feet, it dries to a powdery finish so that your feet don't slip in your shoes {which is so annoying}!

Angelica Exfoliating Gel (MSRP $30) - I love this scrub almost as much as the Hydrating Masque in the collection! It has the same gorgeous scent, and is gentle enough to use everyday. 

Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Conditioner (MSRP $22) - {originally featured here}. I've got a couple products in my rotation to help preserve my new red hair, but this is one that I reach for time and time again. I especially love to slather my hair in it before heading to the pool or before a long walk. It protects my locks from chlorine, the sun, and makes it super soft when I finally wash it out after the afternoon's activities. 

Eau Ravissante (MSRP $52) - This is the latest addition to my fragrance collection is actually one of my favorites. It is light, fresh, and beautifully floral. Part of L'Occitane's new Provencal Eaux de Cologne Collection, Eau Ravissante offers a dazzling bouquet of floral aromas with fruity citrus notes. Formulated with the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and Damascena rose, this mischievous eau de cologne combines the sensual softness of rose petals with the sparkling freshness of citrus scents.

Pivoine Flora Shimmering Oil (MSRP $38) - I love oil and this one has the added bonus of smelling like peonies AND leaving a beautifully subtle, golden shimmer wherever you apply it! Gentle enough to use on the face, hair, and body, this is what I reach for to give that final special touch when I'm going out with the hubby {or just want to sparkle a little harder in general}!

Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Mask (MSRP $32) - {originally reviewed here}. This luxurious mask is thick and creamy and smells so delicious; it has an intoxicating, feminine, floral fragrance that lingers in your locks. When my hair is particularly parched, I use this as an overnight treatment and am guaranteed to have silky curls after a wash and rinse in the am!

Immortelle Brightening Face Mist (MSRP $20) - {originally featured here} I've been using this mist for a while now, and it's truly one of my favorite toners. An alcohol-free mist that refreshes, softens and brightens the complexion-it also perfect for spraying over make-up to help it stay fixed all day! It combines the unique properties of Immortelle essential oil with Bellis Perennis to keep skin young-looking, radiant and even-toned.

Lavender Organic Relaxing Roll-On (MSRP $15) - {original post here}. As tired as I am most nights, sometimes I'm still too restless to fall asleep. Applying a bit of this essential oil on my pulse points helps to sooth my senses and contributes to me being able to settle down for a restful sleep. 

So there you go! Do you see any of your must have L'Occitane favorites here? Or have I introduced you to something that is now on your wish list? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...


  1. I love L'Occitane shea butter! I really want to try the Cherry Blossom perfume and a few things from the Immortelle line after your review. :)

  2. oooo that Immortelle Brightening Face Mist looks interesting. I've been on a facial spray kick lately; I'll add this to my list of things to try!


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